The pandemic New Normal “Belly Bulge”

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Coming months have taught us so many things from eating to living healthy. We are flooded with so many “New Normal” thoughts and trends and we are totally trying to do what we can do? Well what that exactly resulted is the “New-Normal” weight gain and what’s the place where all the weight actually settled was the “Belly-side”. Let’s try to find how you can get the best help so that you stay well, eat well and live well the correct way.

If you experienced unwanted weight gain or “belly bulges” during the pandemic, you are not alone. Especially if you are spending most of your time at home watching the “New-Normal cooking trends”. Comfort food recipes have been trending on Google, Instagram and Fb. Your best friend tried the full fat “Dalgona Coffee” and floored their Instagram page with thousand of likes and several thousands “Followers” in just one night, and now there you are mopping the google-searches to find the next “Instagrammable Trend-set” from your side. Meanwhile you grab your favourite mug of coffee several times in a day doing so. Now you are late for making your lunch so you just order some food from outside and continue working for long hours in front of the screen.

This was some-what everybody’s story in recent days. Well what that exactly resulted is the “New-Normal” weight gain and what’s the place where all the weight actually settled was the “Belly-side”. Last whole year the most searched questions on google were not just “Fitness exercises to do at home”, but some others were “Losing belly fat staying at home”, ”Get flat-belly investing just 7 minutes”, “Burn belly fat in just 7-days at home”, etc.

So as sheltering-at-home restrictions ease up, people are becoming concerned about “COVID curves” and the “Quarantine 15-pounds gain”. The pandemic left many people confined to their homes, bored and with plenty of food and little to distract them. When adding the stress factor to this scenario, you have a perfect situation for unwanted weight changes. The fight-or-flight response is an innate reaction that evolved as a survival mechanism during the entire pandemic situation.

Whether you are a “IT professional with all day work from home”, “a school-kid with full day online screen access”, “a home-maker with home full of online people, extra dish washing, plenty of cooking” or “ an elderly with no access to friends and outside world” all resorted to stocking the house with all the necessary food-stuff that was feared to be out of stock in the market and later on cooking and changing the raw things into “cooking wonders” just to utilise all the stuff and the time in the world to please our cravings at home. Biryani, Baked dishes, Cakes with full fat icings, Green Teas with all the Turmeric, Milkshakes with a whole lot of nuts, all was over-bound and in large portions, screaming at us to finish it off in just one gulp or bite.

Most work from home couples switched to eating late lunches or combining lunch and dinner together at late hours and eating large meals and sitting back to work again or just curling up in that bed or sofa to finish the off trending “Netflix” series.

Well, the answer to such belly fat bulges is very easy to identify, stress started to set into us and we all ate up what we thought was immunity booster, trending, healthy, “maa ke haath ka”, “ghar ka khana” with no thought and no guilt. All this to stay away from stress arising from the unknowing causes and factors that ultimately lead to this sitting “belly gains”. It’s time we focus on what suits “Me” better than just following Instagram trends blindly.

Now try to get the best suitable recommendations from an Expert who knows best to curb that “Belly bulge” in the most precise way knowing your “Metabolic levels”. The solution to this is finding your Inner Health Quotients from reliable and proven product Turyaa. So let Turyaa: Your very own “Wellbeing companion” helps you know which trending food or fitness activity is best for “You”. Make way for that “extra belly bulge” and set the “New-Normal” by staying healthy and fit the “Turyaa Way”.


Ms. Shruti Kulkarni (Nutritionist, Wellness Coach)
Credits: Dr Tejaswini Bhale-Borse (Ayurveda Physician, Nadi Expert)

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