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By providing imbalance information through
digital nadi pariksha.

  • The Nadi report includes a detailed analysis of the individual’s questions-based Prakriti (balance in Tridosha) and nadi-based Vikruti (imbalance) – Graphs, Numbers, Recommendations.
  • Data analysis of the report enables prediction of possible ailments and early detection making Nadi Tarangini a health-centric diagnostic technology.




Levels of Thoughts


Bala (बल)

Agni (अग्नि)

ONE Product


Ayurvedic Clinics

Panchakarma centers

Yoga centers, Gyms

Spa & Wellness centers​

Ayu. colleges & Research labs​

Garbhasanskar Centers​

Patented technology

Nadi Tarangini (NT) is a first of its kind Nadi Pariksha system that combines the power of Nadi Pariksha in Ayurveda with cutting edge data science technology. 

An intuitive design that makes traditional Nadi Pariksha easy, this Indian Innovation makes use of three pressure sensors to mimic the way a Vaidya would perform manual Nadi Pariksha.

The sensors are as sensitive as the fingertips of an Ayurvedic vaidya to provide pulse waveforms depicting vata (movement like a snake), pitta (jumping like a frog) and kapha (swimming like a swan) like patterns.

These patterns are further analyzed on the centralized server to provide the Ayurveda parameters along with their ranges, current situation and recommendations.

Brand Comparison


Nadi Systems with optical, capacitive sensors

Nadi Tarangini with patented sensors

Sampling Rate (per second)
64 to 128
Sensor's sensitivity
Less sensitive / resolution
High (0 to 1 kPa)
Time domain features (depth, intensity, amplitude, force)
Frequency domain features (speed, frequency, rhythm)
Akruti features (length, type or shape, quantity, texture)
Fitness Tracking (Steps, Calories, Sleep, Activity)
Medical Information (Blood pressure, Oxygen, 24x7 heart monitor)
Smart Information (Location, Gesture, Phone connectivity)
Prakruti-based Recommendations (Season and circadian rhythm based Diet & Yoga)
Inner Health Information (Digestion, Stress, Overall Well-being)
Detailed Analysis as per Ayurveda Principles
Certifications (ISO, IEC, etc.)


Nadi Tarangini


Designed for optimal sensing: When a patient keeps hand on the unit, the pulse location is easily available for the pulse recording.


Designed for the way you would perform Nadi Pariksha manually: Doctor wears the patented Nadi Sensors and places carefully on the patient’s wrist to record the nadi.


Designed for patient tracking: Fully customizable software in your language for checking the parameters over the visits.

How does Nadi Tarangini work?

Nadi Tarangini Sensors


  • Easy to use: Hardware is designed with you in mind
  • Portable compact design: Making it easy to carry and connect to any device using the Nadi Tarangini app
  • Accurate Results: Validated over 25000 data points
  • Fast diagnosis: The report is generated in 60 secs
  • Fully customizable: Patient management software for Windows and Android devices
  • Totally Indigenous product: Based on ancient wisdom


The certification and testing of Nadi Tarangini have been completed in a typical format of an Allopathic medical system by the NABL accredited lab as per IEC 60601-1 norms (Safety and Performance of Medical Equipments). The EC 60601-1 certification deals with the basic safety and essential performance requirements of medical electrical equipment and serves to ensure that no single electrical, mechanical, thermal, or functional failure shall pose an unacceptable risk to patients and/or operators. 

Furthermore, AIPL is ISO 13485:2016 certified company, which ensures its ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements. The CDSCO license for Nadi Tarangini is also applied and is in progress.

Nadi Report

Detect Dosha Imbalances with low, medium and high references for each parameter. Compare current Nadi patterns with averaged healthy dosha patterns.

Progress Tracking

The more patient data you feed into Nadi Tarangini, the better it works for you – by letting you compare patients, track symptom patterns, judge treatment efficacy and more.

Easy Report Interpretation

Tackle the problem of patient retention with clear evidence of your treatment’s effectiveness over time.

Quality Product

See Specifications


280mm X 95mm X 75 mm

Battery Capacity



USB Charging


Three Piezo Pressure Sensors

Input Voltage



354 gm


Medical Grade TPU


3 years


English, Hindi, Marathi

Colour Options


About Innovative Solution

We are a Pune-based Technology Company

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