Don’t let your pain stop you from dancing in the rain!

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Results from the research done by Project on Osteo-Arthritis ( joint pain ) say that 67.2% of the patients with osteoarthritis have perceived an increased pain with the changing season. The results also conclude that women are more prone to seasonal change sensitivity when compared to men.


An IT professional, Age 40 years, WFH, sitting continuously for more than 10 hrs in front of laptop came to the clinic with complaints of lower back pain, neck pain and stiffness. The neck pain is seen to be associated with dizziness and headache. All the complaints are seen to be aggravated from the start of Monsoon.

Weight gain, sleep disturbances and stress are another set of problems along with above.


A 10 year old school-going girl is facing a problem of back pain due to online schooling during the pandemic. Incorrect posture, sitting for long duration, excess screen usage is the root cause of the above problem and its correction is the only way to avoid irreversible complications.


A housewife, Age 68 years, came with complaints of sudden stiffness, pain in fingers and wrist joint that she was unable to roll chapatis. Pain and swelling is acute and has started suddenly with change in season. Along with this she is also experiencing severe pain associated with piles and general body ache.


A female athlete, Age 27 years, preparing for a state level event rushed to the clinic with complaints of severe knee joint pain. She was recovering from a knee injury recently but the sudden onset of the pain since the start of monsoon is hampering her work out routine.

In the above situations what is largely seen is that “Pain” is typically aggravated by provoked Vata, during Monsoon. Taking care of this Vata dosha or maintaining the balance is the key for acute and chronic pain management.

Aggravation of pain related complaints are seen to be increased drastically during Monsoon. Difficulty in completing daily activities, keeping up with the work and personal life tasks also gets impossible to do with this constant pain sensation affecting a person both physically as well as psychologically. Thus hampering the Quality of Life.

Always keep an eye on your metabolic and stress quotient (Turyaa) in Monsoon.
In such times, having a 24/7 companion who understands you and your inner health needs can prove beneficial. Turyaa device and app comes out as a winner to help you “believe you are not alone when in pain”.

Dr. Gayatri Kulkarni – Mulye, (MD Ayurved)
Shruti Kulkarni (Nutritionist)
Vaidya Tejaswini Bhale-Borse (Ayurveda Physician)

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