My Well-being Companion: Finding something more than just Feeling Well!!!

Well-being has been strongly linked to many important life events ranging from physical and psychological health to family and social relationships to work and activity patterns. Not only has it been associated with many beneficial outcomes across these realms, but it has also been demonstrated to predict positive changes in these events helping us function well.

Situation Today

Current Pandemic situation has made the entire Human race to ponder on the real concept of wellbeing and wellness. Is it mere feeling to stay happy or “just well” or is it only to survive? What is your concept of Wellbeing then???? Give a moment to read this blog and think to act right Today!!!

Concept of Well-being

It is the experience of health, happiness, and prosperity. It includes having good mental health, high life satisfaction, a sense of meaning or purpose, and ability to manage stress.
Wellbeing is more than just full-filling the need of basic necessities (food, clothing & shelter), it comes after making appropriate choices and activities aimed at achieving physical vitality, mental alacrity, social satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment, and personal fulfilment, so in a nut-shell Wellbeing is ‘feeling good and functioning well’.

Well-being is a feeling of having high sense of self enjoyment, nothing can ever turn you down when your sense of wellness is very high and of course happiness comes in when you are well which is known as the sense of satisfaction & happiness, this is best done with a partner, a friend, a family or a companion close to You all the time. This relation and association lead to a positive sense of dependency and in turn a sense of responsibility towards yourself and others

Looking at Wellbeing as a New Dimension

We all are going through some tough times of our journey today. Surrounded by some loads of useful and not so useful information flowing into our computers, whatsapp groups, and emails daily. But we all know the phrase “ Think before you act, & But At TURYAA we care for you and your loved ones all the time. Using the Ayurveda driven ancient science of Nadi-Pariksha (Pulse Monitoring Examination) coupled with Modern Nutrition technique & AI-based outputs we bring you a holistic Wellbeing Companion. A true Wellbeing Companion to be used in the comfort of your home to helps connect you and your loved ones health staying close to you or away from you.

Let’s care for our health and wellbeing staying close to what we see, understand and adhere to!!! Choose wisely; Get one for you and your loved ones today!!!

Mrs. Shruti Prashant Kulkarni
B.Sc. (Foods & Nutrition), M.Sc. (Public Health)
Clinical Nutritionist, Diabetes Educator & Counsellor, Ph.D. scholar
Research & Product Domain Expert (Atreya Innovations Pvt Ltd)
Chief Nutrition Counsellor (Germany)

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Knowing Your Dad: The “Yes Man”

A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed and yet one of the most valuable assets of society – Billy Graham

With the fast-changing world, today’s fathers are changing and adapting to the changes very fast. From helping in the kitchen to changing nappies… from the earlier Normal to the New Normal, they are sharing each household chores with utmost happiness and willingness. Earlier, fathers used to be the only financial pillar of the family, needs were limited and still the satisfaction was associated with family alone. But the situation is not the same now. Even though we are having multiple financial support, we still lack happiness.

As we all know, Sachin Tendulkar is one of the greatest sport icons in India. Apart from his highly regarded sporting abilities, he is also well known for his very humble and down to earth behavior. On many occasions he has credited his behavioral aspect to his parents in specific to his father Mr. Ramesh Tendulkar. In a nutshell, a father is the first role model for every child.

“My father didn’t tell me how to live. He lived and let me watch him do it.” ~ CLARENCE BUDINGTON KELLAND

Due to the changing era, father is entrusted with additional responsibility of providing enough emotional support to the family which was greatly taken care of by the mother in earlier times. This additional responsibility may force him to neglect his own health issues which can cause catastrophic effects in the long run. In metropolitan cities, many fathers are struggling to spend quality time with kids regularly due to their work culture which leads to emotional as well physical stress. These contribute to some family issues where the father thinks himself as guilty. On the backdrop of Father’s Day, let’s stop and analyse what really is needed by our loving fathers.

Men mostly are shy at expressing their emotions hence their psychological health related struggle is very different which needs a closer look. As we all know, physical and psychological factors are two sides of the same coin. The vicious cycle of impacting each other is very commonly seen in almost every family. Stress, responsibilities, economic burden, guilt, pressure and small health problems are bursting nowadays. These all are leading to health problems like High BP, raised cholesterol, diabetes etc at an early age. Most of the fathers are neglecting, compromising health for their families sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly.

Requirement of nutrition, type of food according to type of work, age is also important. This is the reason we easily observe that food or season suits some while for someone the same may feel harsh. This all we should consider in a holistic way to define and design diet & lifestyle modifications required for our dear fathers. This balance is missing very badly. Fathers are facing hazards of lifestyle changes. Wrong food habits, irregular meal timings, regular travelling type of job, excessive use of AC, inadequate exercise are some health impacting factors. Here, Lifestyle modifications with proper personalised diet, yoga, sleep and water are necessities.

In the middle age of his life he is more courageous, aggressive and fights a lot to achieve his family’s dreams. But doing that of course he ignores his own health and peace of mind. When he moves towards his old age, the love and compassion from family members is the great tonic to him. Paying attention to his physical and psychological health is the major responsibility of the kids.

Retirement life is supposed to be very special. It is the time when you can pursue your hobbies, explore new horizons. It is often seen that poor health or neglected health conditions are affecting the quality of life of senior citizens. Loneliness, anxiety, fear are most common problems in seniors living apart from their children. As it is rightly said that health is the real wealth, we must focus on maintaining the good health of our elders for good quality of life.

Ayurveda defines health as balance between your doshas, all systems and psychological aspects. This health primarily depends upon your lifestyle, your diet, your exercise, sleep etc. Eating at the right time, eating together, types of food items, serving patterns, early sleep and waking up and a good amount of physical activity and sleep are core factors associated with good health.

With this ever-changing world, all fathers face individual specific issues related to work, physical and psychological aspects. Hence, it is highly recommended that one should have an Individual Specific diet, exercise, specific yoga, music considering his set of issues. And in this specific requirement, Turyaa Wellbeing Companion can prove to be a unique solution.

Father can do anything for the family. We have seen the struggle of a father for his child in the very famous movie “Pursuit of Happiness”. As a child we all feel “My daddy strongest” but as a grown up, what can we do to keep the meaning of the line intact? Accept him and understand him before irreversible health changes capture.

A golden triangle for healthy, happy and content life is made up of 1) Assessment of health 2) modification of lifestyle and 3) monitoring of physical and psychological factors. On this occasion of Father’s day, let us contribute to this golden triangle by gifting our father a Turyaa Wellbeing Companion.

Dr. Gayatri Kulkarni – Mulye
MD (Ayurved)
Blogger @ Turyaa Wellness

Vaidya. Tejaswini Sameer Bhale
Ayurvedacharya, PGPP, MBA, DYA
Prakruti Ayurveda and Panchakarma Clinic, Pune
Nadi Pariksha domain expertise
Nadi Tarangini, Atreya Innovations Pvt Ltd. Pune

Mrs. Shruti Prashant Kulkarni
B.Sc. (Foods & Nutrition), M.Sc. (Public Health)
Clinical Nutritionist, Diabetes Educator & Counsellor, Ph.D. scholar
Research & Product Domain Expert (Atreya Innovations Pvt Ltd)
Chief Nutrition Counsellor (Germany)

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Weight Loss – Mind & Body

Obesity is a disease. It makes everything taste good except salads.

The Weight loss journey is just like a game. You must win against your cravings, laziness, wrong food habits, frustration, and stress. So, what is important in winning this game is your MINDSET. When your body and mind go in harmony to fight against obesity, it is YOU who wins.

Vitiated Vata in this disease is responsible for increased appetite, cravings, hunger spikes etc. These cravings and spikes always affect the brain making it resistant. Determination, self-discipline, and constant efforts are very important at the first phase of every weight loss journey.

Turyaa will be your perfect journey partner who guides you, motivate you and take care of you for body-brain harmony in the weight loss journey in a very individual-specific way.

Controlling and replacing your unhealthy eating habits with healthy food habits and maintaining a good exercise routine are the main crucial steps. This good and proper change results in the betterment of your body as well as your mind. By connecting with Turyaa you can get proper guidance about food and exercise based on Nadi analysis.

Other reasons for obesity such as stress, irregular sleep, water intake, impaired metabolism is also assessed by various tools by Turyaa. Apt daily solutions are also given for healthy balance.

Let’s connect with Turyaa for a well-focused and monitored weight loss journey.

Turyaa Blogger– Dr. Gayatri Kulkarni – Mulye (MD Ayurved),
Vaidya Tejaswini Bhale – Borse (Ayurveda Physician), Shruti Kulkarni ( Clinical Nutritionist)

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World Health Day – Jivha Pariksha

“On the occasion of World Health Day, we must learn the importance of our health and work towards making it better. Happy World Health Day.”

World Health Day is celebrated Every Year on 7 April. This is an Initiative by WHO to spread awareness about the importance of Good Health, whether it be Physical or Mental. This Day is celebrated Every Year since 1950.

Let us use this opportunity to make a promise to ourselves that we will put our health first in all circumstances.

This can be started from Tongue or Jivha Pariksha as it’s a roadmap to your gut health.

Tongue - A Mirror of your gut health

Do you feel a bitter, metallic taste on your tongue?


Have you experienced a white sticky coating on your tongue frequently?

These all observations related to the tongue are reflections of your metabolic health.

In Ayurveda, the appearance of the tongue is very important in the diagnosis of metabolic or gut health. The tongue is considered a reflection of gut health.

Ayurveda mentioned 8-fold diagnostic tools while taking a brief history for assessment of diseases. Jivha Pariksha is amongst them. Thorough observations of the tongue including its size, shape, color, and appearance are very important for knowing gut health.

According to Ayurveda, many diseases originate due to disturbances in gut health or metabolic health. The tongue always reflects these changes on its surface and its unique diagnostic tool.
A healthy tongue that is uniformly pink in color, neither too thick nor thin, and moist, without any coating reflects good gut health. It also shows differentiation according to individual-specific Prakruti. But slight variation in its appearance always shows underlying changes in metabolic health or gut health.

The following entities can be assessed by Tongue examination.

Agni / digestive fire – Coated white tongue always reflects poor gut health with low digestive fire. Poor appetite, constipation, and gases are associated complaints with this white coating. Coated tongue and recurrent mouth ulcers together explain poor digestion and constipation.

Samata / niramata – accumulated aam or dietary toxins produced by poor digestion get reflected on the tongue with a whitish/ yellowish coating. A foul smell is always associated with it. Poor appetite and lethargy are associated symptoms.

Vitiated dosha – discoloration or patches on the tongue are reflections of vitiated doshas. Black spots or patches are due to vitiated Vata, the reddish-brown color associated with mouth ulcers shows pitta vitiation.

Hence tongue examination is very important which gives a proper idea of gut health. By mere observation of the tongue, many times simple dietary changes can give the best results in today’s health complaints. Also, it is a way of assessment of risks or probable underlying health problems.
So, it is the easiest way to assess your gut health daily. So, keep your eyes on your tongue too for better health.

With the help of Turyaa wellness’s Jivha Pariksha, you can know about your deep-rooted health problems and can prevent further consequences. You can book our Digital Nadi Pariksha @Home for Jivha & Nadi Pariksha to know your accurate measurements of Inner Health, Metabolism, Stress levels, and Immunity.

Till then Stay Healthy & Stay Fit.

Happy World Health Day

Turyaa Blogger- Dr. Gayatri Kulkarni – Mulye (MD Ayurved),
Vaidya Tejaswini Bhale – Borse (Ayurveda Physician), Shruti Kulkarni (Clinical Nutritionist)

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Make your Mental Health a priority by connecting with Turyaa

3 idiots, the movie Is a perfect blend of all emotions. On top of it, all the characters from the movie teach us many life lessons in an interesting manner. Most of the lessons are associated with psychology and mental health which are much-neglected health issues.

Raju from the movie attempts suicide after struggling to get good marks, Farhan was seen to be ready to change his career due to peer pressure from his parents. Chatur is always ready for completion without having knowledge and the Virus of the college is like pressure testing equipment for brains that decide who is fit for the education. Rancho, the hero of the movie, is rescuing all the characters with his psychological fundas……All is well.

We all are surrounded by such characters but understanding the situation and standing as a Rancho for yourself is very important. Most of the time psychological and physical problems are interlinked but people often seem to neglect the psychological problems.

Ayurveda always mentioned health is a balance of mental, physical, and spiritual wellness altogether and equally emphasizes mental health also.

Ayurveda describes three Gunas of Mind named Satwa (Balance), Raja (Arrogance), and Tama (Indolence). Ayurveda also describes that a possibility for mental illness is due to an imbalance of the ‘tamas’ or ‘rajas’ in the mind which are the reactive tendencies that vitiate other doshas.

Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, its imbalance, prakruti of individuals, etc are also having an impact on Manas gunas. Diet and lifestyle also play an important role in mental illness according to Ayurveda. Rajas and Tamas aahar are responsible for the vitiation of Manas Doshas and hence mental illness. Various chronic mental disorders like anxiety, neurosis, depression, insomnia, etc. are linked with wrong diet and lifestyle. the

Neglecting the symptoms due to self unawareness or due to social stigma is very common in mental disorders. Approach toward treatment is also improper and neglected due to many reasons. Understanding symptoms at an early stage and seeking help as early as possible is very necessary.

Changes in sleeping patterns, loss of appetite, Impulsive decision-making, Turning to drugs or alcohol in moments of distress, and Suicidal thoughts are early and indicative symptoms for which professional help is a must. All the symptoms of mental health disorders can be incredibly dangerous for both emotional and physical health.

Ayurveda mentioned Sattvavajaya Chikitsa for mental disorders and is very similar to modern psychotherapy. Proper diet, exercise, lifestyle modifications, music, and mantra therapies are suggested along with medicines and panchakarma. Thus, Sattvavajaya plays a significant role in the maintenance of a harmonious state between these three important factors – intellect, memory, and patience, ultimately leading to a happy healthy state of the individual.

Considering all these Ayurvedic principles, Turya will help you in the following manner for balancing psychological health for health harmony.

  1. Proper Monitoring – Daily Nadi pariksha, assessment of emotional quotient always reflects your state of mental health. This approach of Early diagnosis – Early treatment proves very effective in the case of mental illness.
  2. Assessment of day-to-today impact factors associated with mental health – By knowing the daily routine, stress level, etc, Turyaa can keep an eye on your stress level and its impact on Tridoshik balance.
  3. Early diagnosis – Symptoms, and imbalances in Manas Gunas and Tridosha according to individual specific Prakruti can be assessed with the help of Turyaa. So very early-stage changes can be monitored.
  4. Diet and lifestyle modifications – Many chronic mental disorders can be controlled with a good Sattvic diet, proper exercise, and lifestyle modifications. Required lifestyle modifications can be provided with a very individual-specific approach by Turyaa app and Turyaa coaches.
  5. Music therapy – Many types of research show that music therapy, proper ragas, and mantras are having a positive impact on treating mental disorders. This can be provided by Turyaa.
  6. Yoga and Pranayam– Sattvavajaya is the main treatment protocol for mental illness according to Ayurveda. Yoga and Pranayam are having a very positive and recovering impact on mental disorders. Turyaa can help with expert suggestions and support.

Nowadays mental illness is very common and everywhere in all age groups. Turyaa will help you by becoming your Rancho which will keep the harmony of psychological health with all other health domains.

All is well …

Turyaa Blogger- Dr. Gayatri Kulkarni – Mulye (MD Ayurved),
Vaidya Tejaswini Bhale – Borse (Ayurveda Physician), Shruti Kulkarni ( Clinical Nutritionist)


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