Rediscovering Ayurveda with Atreya innovations – My journey

Evolution is a phase in which gradual, consistent processes of change and development occur.

The same can be said about me. I have evolved gradually, carrying only the best with me and shedding off the things which hamper my growth.
In this journey I have been fortunate to be associated with Atreya Innovations. Atreya Innovations has come up with products having a confluence of three sciences namely- Ayurveda, Technology and Nutrition science.

I, Vaidya Shillpa Jamdarkhana, have been part of Atreya Innovations for the past 2 years. Prior to this I had worked with Atreya for a brief period on contractual basis in 2018.
I have been a part of the healthcare industry in various fields before 2018. I have worked in the StemCells industry for 2 years. After that I started working in a renowned wellness organization based on Ayurveda as a center manager. There I was trained as a Center doctor and a Center Manager as well. Though my main role was that of the manager, I gained good knowledge of wellness, patient interaction and Ayurveda herbs that could be used in the lifestyle management of patients. I also was introduced to nutrition science in this organization. I had to part with this organization due to personal reasons and I was unable to work for six months due to it.

In 2018 when things were better at my personal end, I reached out to my friends for any opportunities. At that time, I was introduced to Atreya Innovations in January 2018. I contacted Vaidya Tejaswini Bhale ma’am, and my interview was arranged. During the interview I had least expectations but my enthusiasm to learn was the foremost. I honestly told Vaidya Tejaswini and Aniruddha sir that I did not have much exposure to clinical practice of Ayurveda. Both of them just wanted to know if I was ready to learn the use of Ayurveda in technology and I was of course ready.

After a few days I had a positive response from Atreya and my work started. I visited the office at Hinjewadi to practice taking Nadi on the Nadi Tarangini device. The office staff helped me with this. After sufficient practice I traveled and visited clinics for data collection. Tejaswini ma’am introduced me to these clinics. I mainly visited clinics treating PCOD, PCOS, Hypertension and Infertility disorders.

There with the patient’s consent I would collect the required data for the research of Nadi Tarangini, the Nadi Pariksha device. That was a time of great learning and new beginnings for me and opened new doors of Ayurveda and technology. I parted with Atreya after a few weeks. Later I worked for cancer patients to benefit them with grants from Tata Cancer Hospital for their treatments. That was another learning phase for me. I facilitated the proper documentation for grants required for prosthodontic surgery of cancer patients. These documents were sent to Tata Cancer Trust and some part of funding was procured. It required counseling of cancer patients, talking to them in their native language, making them understand the process etc.

During this period, I learnt virtual scribing which is a thriving industry in healthcare abroad. During the pandemic I also counseled young students in a very different field not related to healthcare. My counseling skills helped me to successfully accomplish this task.

After the pandemic again I had the opportunity to join Atreya Innovations in April 2021. Atreya had come up with a new product called Turyaa. Turyaa is a patient centric Nadi Pariksha device and has an app named Turyaa wellness. Turyaa is similar to Atreya’s product Nadi Tarangini. I joined as an Ayurveda Wellness Coach.

I counseled the patients through online consultations using the Turyaa app as a telemedicine platform. I advised the patients on diet and lifestyle recommendations. My experience in counseling in the wellness industry helped me immensely.

Now my journey at Atreya Innovations continues with the product Nadi Tarangini. The product has undergone a few changes with a lot of added features and is useful in various healthcare sectors for Nadi Pariksha.

I am proud and humbled to have been able to contribute at Atreya Innovations to its various products and the journey continues to be extremely delightful and knowledgeable.

Author- Vaidya Shillpa Venkatesh Jamdarkhana
BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery)
Diploma in Business Management
Certified Ayurveda Wellness Coach
Atreya Innovations Pvt Ltd.

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From glorious past to bright future: Parag Kulkarni

A Brief Glance at Background

I finished my M.Tech from IIT Bombay in 2008 and immediately started my career with Juniper networks. During the course of 14 years, I had worked with many MNCs in various domains ranging from Networking, Semiconductors, Wireless communications etc. It gave me the opportunity to be part of software and hardware product development. In the year 2022 I was working with NXP and was handling a team of 10-15 engineers. I was looking after product development and its delivery to the customers. Very exciting times in terms of career progress and work satisfaction.

The Bug and Its Fix

During these years I got opportunities to work with many great minds across industry. I could see almost everywhere behind every great product, one of the great minds is from India. Which made me think we have such an amazing talent pool on one hand but then on other hand we hardly see any Indian products which are leading the international markets. This appeared quite odd and disturbing to me. This idea started to bug me more and more as I was making progress in my career.

As a friend from IIT days, I was in close touch with Aniruddha. I have seen the journey of Atreya Innovations since its inception to POC to productization. I was always amazed with the approach that Aniruddha took in the field of Ayurveda. The research publications made by him were not only insightful but also revolutionary. This was amazing for PhD and Postdoctoral topics. What made me glad is, this PhD work got converted into a product idea.

During one of our casual meetings at café, me and Aniruddha were discussing future plans of Atreya Innovations. The current state of the product and future potential appeared wonderful to me. It naturally came to my mind, why not join the mission and be the part of change that I want to see. Ofcourse, it was so easy to decide to break the comfort of a good paying MNC job and jump to a startup. More than that I was working at NXP for the last 10 years and the team was like family to me. This made it a bit harder at emotional level also.
After lots of rounds of discussion and brainstorming with Aniruddha I became more and more motivated and excited to make this decision and finally in April 2022 I left NXP to join Atreya Innovations and its mission 😊.

The First year

I joined Atreya Innovations as CTO in April 2022. The flagship product, Nadi Tarangini was already developed. The B2C offerings using Turyaa were in the process of development. TCS was already a COIN partner, and an exciting work was under discussion.
The engineering team was of just 2-3 people. The main challenge was to bring in focus in product development considering limited time and resources. 

When I left NXP, I was already managing a team thus have not done solid code development in the last few years. Considering limited resources, it was time to go to basics. I considered myself as one of the resources and started to do product development for the TCS project myself while guiding the rest team for our B2C product development. It was quite a learning curve to steer the wheel under these limitations and still be on time with respect to time to market.
I must say we did a great job, in 2-3 months of time, our MVP product for TCS was ready and we were in good shape to go ahead with the pilot project. It was a great success with the emergence of lots of opportunities. The Turyaa based offerings did also get launched in the market, and we stepped our first step in the market with that Product.
Nadi Tarangini was put on hold during pandemic years due to certain business and finance reasons. We took a cautious decision to revive the Product. It was a nightmare to revive it. The global supply chain was disturbed due to Pandemic. It was very hard to get required components in the desired time frame. To make matters worse we started to get affected by attrition. It was a struggle to find workarounds for issues that are beyond our control while making people not feel over stressed. Finally, against all odds we did it. The Nadi Tarangini was re-launched, and it became a huge success. It is so successful that Nadi Tarangini is currently our major source of revenue.

Future plans

I like to call ourselves a Technology company working in Ayurveda space. Ayurveda has always lacked touch of digitalization. As a domain of course Ayurveda is proven and self-sufficient, but I feel the touch of technology will revolutionize the last mile delivery of Ayurveda.

Today every person has convenient access to the internet via PC or mobile phone. Thus, re-shaping the Ayurveda knowledge base in the form of digital and modern technology, will immediately enable us to deliver Ayurveda to the last person in the remotest part of the world. Keeping this in mind we have a great product road map for the coming year.

  • Ashoka Platform

A scalable and modular state of the art platform that will enable B2B integrations. It is offered as Platform as Service. This B2B integration capability enables third parties to come up with their own Ayurveda based solutions without having to acquire any domain expert skills. The potential of this can be just imagined.

  • Wearable

This is close to my heart. The conventional wearable gadgets such as smart watches are very well accepted, however they are hardly ‘Smart’. Ayurveda has the core strength of predictive analysis. With the help of Wearable smart watches and our patented Nadi sensor, this power of Ayurveda can be easily brought to the benefit of the masses to give them insights into their health and wellbeing.

  • Ayurveda based Wellness ecosystem.

The Ayurveda platform and various diagnostic and wellness devices can create a very strong ecosystem where end users once associated with Atreya Innovations, irrespective of whether he/she is at home or workplace or public place, will always feel part of a larger mission that’s trying to keep them fit.

When I look at this journey of mine, I am very excited about the future and being part of this mission to make you healthier and happier!!

Author-  Parag Kulkarni,
M. Tech, IIT Bombay
Co-Founder and CTO,
Atreya Innovations Pvt Ltd.

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An Evolution that leads towards progress.

Evolution is the necessity for growth and development. Such evolution has been happening since the past and it is still an ongoing process.

Each and every part of the Universe is evolving through transformations, by adjusting to their changing environment. These transformations are mostly good enough for progress. There have been vast phases of evolution in technology and medical science.
Myself, as a part of this Universe is not the exception and has evolved and helped the evolution of “Atreya Innovations ” a leading start up organization in the health sector.
My journey with Atreya Innovations as a Nutrition Wellness Coach began in 2021. Reaching out this position I feel my Graduation, Post graduation and work experience and skills helped me a lot. I have done my post-graduation in Biochemistry, which was based on physiology and the biochemical processes happening in our physiology.

The subject provides me in depth knowledge which is more practical oriented. After completing my Post graduation, I got an opportunity to work as an intern in Rotary club Blood Bank as an assistant Lab technician, where I used to do blood analysis. Further, due to some circumstances, my interest developed in the Nutrition subject. Then I did a PG Diploma in Dietetics, health and Nutrition. My Biochemistry subject knowledge was like a foundation for nutrition science learning and gained knowledge of nutrients, their role, various diseases, disorders, primary knowledge of Ayurveda also.

From those days Vaidya. Tejaswini Bhale became my mentor as she taught me Ayurveda and its principles.
For counseling practices, I worked as an intern Nutritionist in a renowned wellness center after completing my P.G. Diploma. After gaining this experience, my career geared up and started working in Gyms as a diet consultant. During this I got to know one opportunity of teaching and content writing of an educational organization. Teaching was not new for me as I played the role of home tutor during my internships, but content writing was totally new for me. While writing I came across many hurdles, which was again a learning phase for me.
Teaching and writing requires vast practical knowledge of that subject. Taking into consideration this I took one more step towards my evolution and did one more post-graduation in Dietetics, food service management.

Simultaneously I was working in wellness centers, health foundations as a consultant, giving seminars on health and nutrition for bankers and other organizations which didn’t detach me from my original profession of counseling. To get more clinical practice I worked as a diet counselor with a renowned Diabetologist. Here I could grab clinical practical knowledge. During this came to know that I should do some specialization in diabetes, taking into consideration the complexity of the disorder and its spread amongst the population. Out of enthusiasm I did Diabetic Educator certification where I became more clinically, practically sound as a Diabetic educator.
Till this I became versatile in my field, with my knowledge of Nutrition and Dietetics. I was planning meals and counseling patients for their disorders and diseases. Patients do trust me and my meal plans, lifestyle recommendations as I could convince them with scientific reasons. Holistic approach is the main skill of my counseling. I do trust that along with Nutrition there is an equal importance to psychological stability, and sleep.
During Pandemic situations these scenarios changed and adapted this situation as a new journey.
Here, I got an opportunity to work with Atreya Innovations as a Nutrition Wellness Coach which is an evolutionary phase of my Career path and life as well.

Atreya Innovations has developed a new product “Turyaa” a wellbeing health monitoring device, based on their mother invention Nadi Tarangini, which was the best connection between modern Nutrition science and ancient Ayurveda science by using A.I. technology. Nutrition science is the important domain of this organization where I contributed immensely. Earlier I was dealing with calculations of calories, nutrients and their use in various Diet therapy, here I took one more step towards my evolution by grabbing the knowledge of technology and ancient Ayurveda Principles in depth. 

My expertise and skills have helped me to provide lifestyle recommendations with the modern outlook along with diet counseling and planning.
Research and development are the main areas of evolution of Atreya Innovations. In this area I learnt tongue analysis which was not the domain of my profession. My Nutrition expertise could help to improve the overall effectiveness of this device through the calorie counting and giving recommendations to the patient’s meals images which were sent through the app. During this journey Mrs. Shruti Kulkarni taught me how one can apply and combine Nutrition science with technology. Thus, she became my mentor of Nutrition science.

Atteya healthcare management products Nadi Tarangini and Turyaa provide a detailed patient history, based on geographic location, diet and water recommendations, Sleep and yoga exercise recommendations, which is a uniqueness of my profession and made me different from other Nutrition Experts.

Bonding between the patient and me has become stronger due to technology which Atreya Innovations created than the earlier days. Now I can confidently work no matter whatever circumstances are surrounding you!!!

Thus, Atreya Innovations and I both are successful sides of an evolutionary phase that helps us to rise and shine.

Author. Archana Amol Patil.
MSc (Biochemistry)
MSc (Dietetics, food service and management) PGDP – DDHN.
Certified Diabetic Educator. Certified Nutritionist.
Nutrition wellness coach, Atreya Innovations Pvt Ltd.

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“We create our own Evolution story”- the story of My Indian Start-up journey!!!

The new visionaries say, “Evolution is the only Constant”. Every person experience “Evolution” in his/her life events. Some pave the way to new & inspiring stories; some get in the way as motivating hurdles.

Good or Bad both shape your journey into a “Evolutionary being”. In today’s blog I am going to narrate my story about these inspirational experiences working and evolving with “My Indian Start-up”. A journey of a Start-up Intern to a Start-up Expert & Mentor.

It always feels like yesterday…. I had been working as a Researcher, as a visiting faculty with some eminent institutes and organisations in India, but always felt that pinch of passion missing in what I was doing. I loved to work on Research, write papers, give lectures but still something was missing….

“The Beginning as Intern”

In the year 2018, after a great vacation abroad, I was browsing through the net for some information related to New-age technology, reading information about how Artificial Intelligence and Technology was getting compiled with Modern Medicine, Nutrition, ect…I was curious to know how these techies create extremely user-friendly products and applications using the knowledge of different sciences into Apps

While doing so I got a pop-up message from Intern Shala- a popular job portal then, that a start-up named Atreya Innovations Pvt Ltd, is looking for a Nutrition Intern with an experience in Diet planning and many more Nutrition aspects…. I just got so excited because this was the same start-up, I had applied to some years back and never received any call. With my knowledge of Nutrition, Public Health, Research for over 10 years now, I was not an Intern post candidate…. still I thought what’s the harm in re-applying.

I just uploaded my CV, answered some very simple questions and just logged-out…. thinking maybe this time too, they will not contact me back. But to my surprise I got a call after a week for a face-to-face interview. I vividly remember driving for the first time till Hinjewadi Phase 1. The Atreya Innovations Pvt Ltd office was like a typical corporate Start-up atmosphere. Post a 1-2 hrs amazing interview and interactions, I was selected to work as an Intern. I was happy that I will be working with Dr Aniruddha Joshi our Founder & CEO and my favourite Ayurveda Guru Dr Tejaswini Bhale Borse. Atreya Innovations was the Start-up which was well-known in the market for its first ever Invention- Nadi Tarangini. After the great venture into Ayurveda driven AI tech platform, the Team was now venturing into Apps for the Health & Wellness users. This is what I was chosen for and my journey as an Intern began…

“Stepping up the Gears”

The year 2018-19 was unexpectedly fast, adventurous and learning. From Tie-Pune interaction to WACC’19 Ahmedabad experience the whole year went like an extremely fruitful, inspiring journey. We conducted some fantastic user-studies. We launched and worked on the apps like Spark, Lola and Pulsay. We even mentored budding SNDT Nutrition & Dietetics Graduates for our Pan-India study on understanding use of an App to Track Inner Health goals. It was a fabulous 2-month interaction with lot of training sessions, video consultations and report writing work.

“Work from Germany”

During the same year I shifted with my husband and daughter to Germany. It was a great opportunity and we thought this movement is essential for our family’s development. It was this time when Aniruddha and my entire Team supported me and I started to “work from home” from Germany. We managed the time-zone, work life balance and also our deliverables amazingly well. Today I can proudly say we also completed 2 User experience Phase Trails in Pan-India successfully, we also had our first ever User meet and experienced some Transformation journeys. It was a great achievement for all of us. All the users had followed our diet and lifestyle corrections and had benefitted a lot, and some till date follow the regimen. We became like 1 big Multi-country family in a short time.

“Envisioning a new domain.”

Slowly and steadily we also started writing Research Grants and Research papers to International and National Journals, work was going from a long distance in a great way. And one fine day the Pandemic hit…. It was the year of 2020, now it was not just me who was “working from home” but now the whole world was following the same.

Though the world was crashing on some people with Multimillion companies and agencies falling off and not able to bear the consequences of recession our little start-up was still patient enough and working up the ladder with our next big invention Turyaa. It was this time when we had lots of ups and downs, but we stood strong, unmoved and determined to keep working ahead. We started with working on building our product website, content, social media and marketing tactics and finally launched the Turyaa app and Turyaa device in the market. We had users not only in India, but we reached world-wide.

“Recognitions & Rewards”

With the success and reach of Turyaa, we continued writing our papers as well as Grant Proposals. During this time, we also got recognised as DSIR approved in house R&D facility and also bagged the prestigious “National Start-up award in 2021”. Honourable. PM. Shri Narendra Modi ji also mentioned the name of our start-up in Maan Ki Baat episode. It was like we were exploding with pride and happiness.

This year we also conducted a Pan-India Mental health & eating pattern study based on what we learned from the post-Pandemic effect. This was also successfully completed with the help of bright Nutritionist from different cities in India, they all were working professionals who happily participated and completed the study. Turyaa name reached many more homes and many more people learned about this “first-ever home diagnostic” Nadi Pariksha product.

“Writing ahead, moving ahead.”

Year 2022 brought back my eagerness to keep writing for some prestigious NITI-Aayog grants as well as NIHM & some European Grants. This was a very helpful and learning experience for me as along with my clinical work, I started to feel the need of building the Research domain of our start-up. This was possible only when we start our work by collecting more and more scientific data. Grants & Proposal schemes supporting work related to Clinical and technical co-relations in the domain of Ayurveda, Public Health & Data Science was the need of the time. Since I was staying in Germany, by attending some research conferences (virtually) I got some important tips and insights about how ideally one can write such proposals. Meanwhile the world was opening up again and we got the privilege to promote our Start-up work at the Viva Tech at Paris. 

It was a great opportunity to be at the event and showcase our product, services along with India’s topmost start-ups in the India Pavilion and an opportunity to meet the key global start-up Tech giants like Google, Meta, etc. This opportunity proved that now there’s no looking back.

“Looking back, thinking ahead.”

Looking back, I can say that my journey with Atreya Innovations cannot be said or written as an individual’s story or journey. Just like our Indian family system, we like being in a large group our family, friends and relatives all are equally close in all our life events, so is my feeling for the bond I share with this Indian Start-up. Always connecting, forever bonding and just keep moving. This is where my “Evolution & passion coming together, making My Indian Start-up Story”!!!

Author: Mrs. Shruti Prashant Kulkarni
B.Sc. (Foods & Nutrition), M.Sc. (Public Health)
Clinical Nutritionist, Diabetes Educator & Counsellor, Ph.D. scholar
Research & Product Domain Expert (Atreya Innovations Pvt Ltd)
Chief Nutrition Counsellor (Germany)


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We are the facilitators of our own Evolution: Vaidya Tejaswini Bhale

Each journey has a starting point and its different milestones with fascinating stories. Today when I look back, my whole professional life is in front of my eyes.

My Ayurveda Graduation times WISH:

During the graduation period at Tilak Ayurveda College, I was very much impressed with the patient examination methods. But also was very much worried, about how to recite Sanskrit shloka of each and every disease, its diagnosis and treatments. Also, to memorize names of medicines and their compositions with minute proportions was a big challenge. But I was so blessed that I could learn Ayurveda under Guru Shishya parampara and gain in depth knowledge and its clinical practice training.

As a student of science, using computers at home but the study was about ancient science always made me think, how modern time computers can be used in Ayurveda?

Modern diagnostics methods have many electronic machines like X ray, ECG, CT scan, USG but Ayurveda has nothing. But on the other side I must say, Ayurveda physicians have great knowledge of perception of inner health dosha imbalances and Ashtavidha examination methods. Without any help of electronic machines Vaidya can visualize pathogenesis happening inside the body organs. Anatomy of each and every artery, vein, muscles, bones, organs is well described in Ayurveda, that means Ayurvedacharya had super vision and practices to observe, learn and compile it. Those were the great scientists.

In my second year of BAMS, I was very much inclined towards learning Nadi Pariksha, with Gurus’ guidance, I started knowing its feel, perception, rhythm, movements, energy and strength and gunas. That time I always had a wish, was it possible for me to create a machine which could show Nadi graphs like ECG, and its observations should come in computerized language which are easy to understand, learn and to teach.

My wish came into Reality:

After 15 years, this wish was fulfilled when my mentor Dr Atul Kapdi sir, asked Dr Aniruddha Joshi to meet me.

I was astonished to see his work, his dedication. He worked for 13 years to collect Nadi data and get inputs about Nadi parameters from expert Vaidyas. He showed me the graphs of Nadi on the computer screen. Nadi was there like ECG, and that was the EUREKA moment for me too. 

Me as Nadi Pariksha Domain Expertise

From August 2017 my Journey was started with Atreya Innovations as a Nadi Pariksha Domain expertise. Now there’s a strong bond between Me and Nadi Tarangini.
Before that I am having one more story with Atreya, that is related to my Masters degree, which I will discuss later.

With my clinical knowledge, 15 years of daily Nadi Pariksha practices, I started correlating those graphs with dosha gati, guna, and disease patterns. Data was there, inputs were there but to connect, correlate and bridge them, put them into Ayurveda terminology, and create its report card that opportunity and work was done by me. Now the graphs and values started talking with Vaidyas.

We launched Nadi Tarangini in the year 2018 and were well welcomed by Ayurveda practitioners.

Interaction with Artificial intelligence:

Today’s world is of AI and ML. Technology completely captured our lives. But for that system the intelligence is given by the man only. The strength of doing many calculations at a time and selecting the correct answer which our brain also does but this has limitations . This problem is solved by AI. For creating Nadi Tarangini’s report card I got to know about this backend work and did this intensively.

Explaining, compiling and making a data analysis bank of each and every parameter of Nadi graphs and waves which turned out as an extensive Nadi analysis report card which is the first ever done in the field of Ayurveda. This is the great source of evidence based practice. Nadi which I experienced from my clinical practice and of course the same is explained in ancient texts is the data source for me to do this work. I must say ancient texts are the perfect source of data mining and I converted that into today’s language through my perception of manual Nadi analysis and NT graphs and values. Analyzing Nadi graphs through its waveforms is my favorite work.

Me as a Researcher:

With huge data of Nadi from a cloud server, me and Aniruddha plotted different graphs with respect to Ayurveda parameters of Prakruti, Vikruti, Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Agni, bala and Manas Bhav. We had best results from them which satisfies and matches with the descriptions written in ancient text Sharangdhar, Ravan krut Nadi, Yog Ratnakar. Clinical text of Charak samhita, Sushruta samhita, Astang Hrudaya, etc. matches with Nadi parameters.

Our research papers were selected and published in national and international level journals and conferences.
When we received keen attention from Hon Prime Minister Modiji was given a lifetime achievement award. Also, the Ministry of Ayush awarded Atreya with an excellence award which added a feather in our success stories.

Marketing Strategy building of Nadi Tarangini-

Before launching any product in the market, the company follows market research and feedback from customers. Here, came my role as an MBA Marketing student.
As I mentioned earlier, my mentor Dr Atul Kapdi suggested my name to Aniruddha Joshi. During my MBA studies in 2015, marketing internship, and Ayurveda-Nadi Pariksha expertise clubbed together opened the Gate ways of this world of Information Technology in healthcare system and AI for me.

For my master’s degree in marketing, my thesis was Developing Marketing Mix and Prototype testing for Nadi Tarangini. The dissertation was to study Promotional Strategy for Nadi Tarangini. Mrs. Aparna Ramachandran was Head of Marketing for Atreya. She guided me well and I was privileged to work with her.

This study helped to launch Nadi Tarangini as we studied Ayurveda doctors’ need, mindsets to make their clinic SMART. To counsel Ayurveda doctors to help them to learn the need of the time, Evidence based practice, Nadi Tarangini is the best choice.

Appreciation by Ayurveda masters-

I was invited to talk about the Clinical approach of Nadi Pariksha and its digitalization by Nadi Tarangini. Still today many Ayurveda practitioners don’t explain or talk about the science behind Nadi Pariksha. I dared to talk and discuss the same, which was well appreciated by Ayurveda masters. This is the most cherishing and motivating thing for me.

During one of the lectures, the renowned Vaidya Surya Prakash Sharma admired my session and mentioned that “At this young age you are having deep knowledge of Nadi Pariksha.”

New product development Turyaa:

Nadi Pariksha is the diagnostic method, next comes the suggestions and guidance. We did our research and development from LOLa, PulSay to Turyaa within 3 years. To provide the best inputs for UI/UX of the App was a superb experience. Developing an app, its testing and providing all suggestions through it was a learning experience.

I got this great opportunity to design, develop and launch our Ayurveda and Nutrition science based Lifestyle app with my core team Aniruddha Joshi and Mrs Shruti Kulkarni.

Creating diet plans with recipes was fantastic work and I could make value add in my Food and cooking science. This App had a bang ON success.

Research and Product development in Pandemic:

The Pandemic period was the super occupied, innovative and fruitful time we had. We also suffered from a bad time in the pandemic, but our research and product study work went day and night. Stressful but very much good work and time we spent in these 2 crucial years.

Also, clinical research work, collaboration with Ayurveda Institutes like AIIA happened to enhance our work. Dealing with renowned vaidyas and institutes, helped to boost my morale and connect.

Grant proposal writing was a great experience. As a hard core clinician, this was a complete new learning for me. And we cracked one too!!!
Pan India research with Nutritionists enhanced our recipes and Ayurveda based suggestions in a personalized way made our study unique.
Many more milestones are waiting. Definitely we will come up with innovative products based on Ayurveda and wellness for mankind.
From being an aspiring Ayurveda student to a dedicated Ayurveda practitioner to a Nadi Pariksha Expert to a Mentor. My journey has always been extremely fulfilling, evolving & inspiring. I Wish to have an amazing work life with Atreya Innovations, my beloved Nadi Tarangini and a bright and hardworking young Team.

One step at a time our journeys keep moving ahead, evolving new paths, paving the way, creating new opportunities for us & for all!!!

Vaidya. Tejaswini Sameer Bhale
Ayurvedacharya, PGPP, MBA, DYA
Prakruti Ayurveda and Panchakarma Clinic, Pune
Nadi Pariksha domain expertise
Nadi Tarangini, Atreya Innovations Pvt Ltd. Pune

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