How It Works

In this fast paced world where everything has to be ultra-efficient, Nadi tarangini provides an unparalleled insight into individualized healthcare management. Nadi Tarangini auscultates subtle changes in overall health parameters based on Vatta, Pitta, Kapha (Tridosha) diagnostics. The Nadi Tarangini report envisages present and possible ailments, giving recommendations on diet and lifestyle changes. The unique sensor technology to translate ancient wisdom of understanding individualized health parameters in Ayurveda and advanced Data Science make Nadi Tarangini a perfect tool for individualized diagnostics.

Who Can Use
Nadi tarangini is an ideal fit for doctors who are practitioners of Ayurveda, homeopathy, Naturopathy, acupuncture & alternative traditional medicines to unmask really helpful information about the inner health of their patients. It would also be helpful for wellness centers, Gym trainers, Yoga trainers, health coaches & nutritionists to understand their users completely and design a personalized wellness plan for them accordingly.

Nadi Tarangini Reports

This individualized report is generated based on the individual’s Nadi (pulse) readings while also taking into consideration variations due to geographical location, and climatic conditions. The report includes an explication of the individual’s Prakriti (balance in Tridosha). The Nadi examined is shown in the form of a graph which simplifies Nadipariksha for prognosis and diagnosis. Furthermore, diet and lifestyle changes are suggested based on the current Prakruti and Vikruti (imbalance in Tridosha). With this seamless integration of Nadi Tarangini data generated through reports, the Prakruti can be monitored regularly. Data analysis of the report enables prediction of possible ailments and early detection making Nadi Tarangini a health-centric diagnostic technology
Reports are customized as per the user settings. There are two types of reports, a short summary report giving an overview of a patient’s health and the other is an in-depth 10-page report which includes advanced Ayurveda parameters. English , हिंदी and मराठी reports are readily available.
Nadi Tarangini In Research
Nadi Tarangini has the potential to touch and change patient care as we know it. With our specialized software, we are able to detect minute changes in the Nadi of a patient. This can be used to possibly suggest prophylactic treatment paving the way to advances in personalized healthcare. At Nadi Tarangini, we believe that research has played an important role in the development of our product over the past
decade. The data thus generated has shown tremendous potential in research. Nadi Tarangini has already been used successfully in Diabetes, cardiac, fertility studies. It also shows great potential in hypertension, mental disorder and arthritis studies. We are always striving to be a part of research collaborations and partnerships in order to provide better healthcare diagnostics.