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Revolutionizing Nutrition with Technology with Nadi Tarangini!!


In today’s fast-paced world, harnessing the power of technology to optimize our health and well-being has become a priority for many. The fusion of ancient wisdom with modern innovations has given rise to groundbreaking approaches, and one such innovation is the Nadi Tarangini: A Pulse Diagnosis system. This ancient Indian practice, now empowered by technology, is shedding new light on the concept of Wellness helping to empower the new age Health programs through personalized Ayurveda and Nutrition insights.

Nadi Tarangini: A Journey through Ancient Wisdom:

While Taking Nadi through Nadi Tarangini

Nadi Pariksha, rooted in Ayurveda, is a traditional method of pulse diagnosis that has been practiced for thousands of years. It involves assessing the subtle pulses in the wrist to gain insights into one’s physical and mental health. Practitioners skilled in this art can detect imbalances and health issues, offering holistic solutions for well-being.

The Marriage of Tradition and Technology:

Technology has found its way into this age-old practice in recent years, making it more accessible and precise. Pulse diagnosis systems equipped with sensors and advanced algorithms can now accurately capture and analyze pulse data. This innovation has opened up exciting possibilities in the realm of both Ayurveda and nutrition. Considering the seasonal change, geographical location, and changes in surroundings we can now have an extremely diverse and unique way of providing Holistic & comprehensive insights.

Unlocking Nutritional Insights:

The Nadi Tarangini Pulse Diagnosis system, powered by technology, offers several key benefits in the field of nutrition:

  • Personalized Nutrition Plans: By analyzing an individual’s pulse data, this system can determine their unique constitution (Prakruti) and any existing imbalances (Vikruti). With this information, personalized nutrition plans can be created to address specific dietary needs and imbalances.
Diet Recommendations
Diet Plan
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Technology enables continuous monitoring of an individual’s pulse, allowing for adjustments to their nutrition plan as their health evolves. This real-time feedback loop ensures that nutritional recommendations remain relevant and practical.
Nadi Graphs
  • Dietary Modifications: The system can recommend dietary modifications and food choices that align with an individual’s body constitution and inner health imbalances. For example, it may suggest specific foods, spices, or herbs to enhance digestion or address deficiencies. It also can provide region-specific diet plans, and personalized dos and don’ts for what to eat and what not to eat as per season, geography & body imbalances.
Dietary Modifications
  • Stress Management: The Nadi Tarangini technology can detect stress levels by monitoring pulse patterns. Stress-reduction techniques, including dietary suggestions, can be incorporated into the person-specific, region-specific, likes and dislikes-based Nutrition Plan to promote overall well-being.
Stress Management
  • Preventive Health: By identifying the inner health imbalances before they manifest as symptoms, the system supports the preventive health aspect. Nutritional adjustments can help individuals maintain balance and prevent the onset of chronic health conditions from progressing.
Preventive Health

A Holistic Approach to Wellness:

The integration of Nadi Tarangini Pulse Diagnosis with technology represents a holistic approach to the “New-age Wellness Concept”. It recognizes that nutrition is not just about the food we eat but also about how well our bodies can digest, absorb, assimilate, and utilize nutrients, based on your nadi pariksha insights, Prakruti (body type), and Vikruti (current imbalance). By considering an individual’s unique constitution and health status, this approach goes beyond one-size-fits-all Nutrition do’s & don’ts plans.


In the pursuit of optimal health, technology has become an invaluable ally. The fusion of ancient wisdom and modern innovation, exemplified by the Nadi Tarangini Ecosystem, holds immense promise for a personalized nutrition care program in the coming years. By harnessing the power of technology, we can embark on a journey towards holistic well-being, where nutrition is not merely a matter of sustenance but a path to vibrant health and vitality. Embracing this synergy of technology and tradition can truly revolutionize the way we nourish our bodies and nurture our health.

Author: Mrs. Shruti Prashant Kulkarni
Research & Product Domain Expert (Atreya Innovations Pvt Ltd)
Chief Nutrition Counsellor (Germany)
Credits- Vaidya. Tejaswini Sameer Bhale
Nadi Pariksha domain expertise

Stay fit at home with Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is an ancient science of life. In the Ayurvedic science of life, health (Aarogya) is considered the most vital aspect for the accomplishment of Purusharth Chatushya (Four aims and objectives of life).

In the present era of wealth and technology people are living their life only to earn money in pursuit of prosperity to live a responsible family life but they have left their physical activity, dietary schedule, sleep pattern, etc. which leads them to suffer from lifestyle diseases. Ayurveda being a holistic health science emphasizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle for the prevention of lifestyle diseases. In earlier days, life was not so hectic. It was quite simple and free of too many challenges with a healthy environment in comparison to these days. People were healthy as they had to perform all the daily routine activities on their own. But now, in the era of wealth and technology, life has become comfortable, but it has also become hectic and unhealthy because of competition. Nowadays, because of unhealthy lifestyles, people become less active at both physical and mental levels which leads to loss of health.

It is better to prevent disease rather than try to cure disease after they occur. So, in order to maintain good health and disease-free life, a vast description of the daily regimen (Dincharya) is mentioned in Ayurveda. Various aspects of dincharya and their applications in the present scenario are described below:

1. Bramhamuhurta Jagrana (Time of getting up in Brahmamuhurta) –

In Ayurveda, it is advisable to wake up during brahmamuhurta (early in the morning i.e., 90 min before sunrise). Brahma means knowledge; this time is also favorable for reading as well as satva guna is also dominant in the human body at this time. Nascent oxygen in the atmosphere at that time easily and readily mixes up with hemoglobin to form oxyhemoglobin which nourishes the remote tissue rapidly. Exposure to bright light in the early morning causes the release of serotonin (neurotransmitter) which contributes to the feeling of well-being and happiness and keeps the person happy and alert. Because of fresh air, lower air pollution, and lower noise pollution, it is advised one should practice Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation in brahmamuhrta.

Brahma Muhurta

2. Ushapan (Intake of water early in the morning) –

Drink a glass of lukewarm water after waking up. A person who drinks water at the time of sunrise daily can live for a period of hundred years, without any disease and fear of old age. He also can prevent following diseases like Arsha (Haemorrhoids), Sotha (oedema), Grahani (sprue), Jwara (fever), old age, skin disorders, and obesity-related diseases. This water should be kept overnight in a copper vessel. Copper has many benefits for good health.

3. Shauchkarma –

After ushapan daily evacuate the body waste (stool and urine) in toilets. Never suppress nor forcefully void the natural urges. Vegvidharna (suppression) can lead to many diseases.

4. Dantdhavan (Cleaning of teeth) –

It is directed to clean the teeth in the morning and after taking meals. It stimulates taste perception and increases salivation. According to Ayurveda teeth should be cleaned by chewing twigs of certain medicinal plants like neem, khadir, etc. which makes gums stronger and is also a good exercise for facial muscles.

5. Jivha nirlekhan (tongue cleaning) –

The tongue should be cleaned daily. This practice of oral health promotes overall physical and mental health by removing the coating and stimulating the tongue, this helps to balance the heavy and dull qualities of Kapha dosha.

6. Anjana (application of collyrium in eyes) –

In today’s time, excessive work on computers results in dry eye or computer vision syndrome. So daily application of Anjana removes Kapha dosha from the eyes and improves eye health. It removes dirt from the eye and subsides the burning sensation, itching, and pain of the eyes.

7. Nasya (oily nasal drops) –

Put two drops of sesame oil/mustard oil/ghee or Anu taila (Ayurvedic preparation) in both nostrils. It strengthens the sense organs, prevents premature greying of hair, and baldness, and ensures good sleep.

8. Gandusha (Mouth wash) –

Filling the mouth with Gandusha Dravya and retaining it for some time is called Gandush. It is rejuvenation and preventive therapy which enhances the senses, brings about a feeling of freshness, and invigorates the mind. This technique can also benefit from bad breath, dry face, dull senses, anorexia, loss of taste, impaired vision, etc.

9. Abhyanga (oil massage) –

Abhyanga, mentioned in dinacharya, is an ancient ayurvedic approach adopted for healing, relaxation, and treating various types of vataj disease. It should be performed daily. Especially oil should be applied to the head, ears, and feet. Abhyanga delays aging. It works on Manas Bhav and hence reduces stress and helps in attaining good and sound sleep.

10. Vyayam (Exercising Yoga) –

The aim of Vyayam is to promote the harmonious development of the whole body. Simple exercises and yoga can be practiced daily at home. Daily vyayam helps in physical development, luster, compactness of body parts, stimulation of digestive power, firmness, lightness, tolerance to fatigue, cold, and heat, and provides immunity. Ardhashakti (half of the strength) vyayam is indicated in sheeta and Vasant kala only, as vyayam practiced beyond the capability of the body can be harmful. Kapha prakruti person has a strong constitution and immunity so they can get involved in a faster-paced regimen that will help them to get the blood pumping and their body moving, like aerobics, Zumba, belly dancing, and water exercises.

The best exercises for pitta types are medium in intensity and will avoid overheating the body and mind. Avoid exercising especially at mid-day when the sun and the pitta are at their strongest point.

Vata dosha is made up of air and space. Vata types tend to be smaller, more fragile, and lower weight by nature. So vata types must remember to keep pace slowly and the intensity low, gentle, and non-weight bearing exercises.

11. Snana (Bath) –

Daily bathing improves agni (digestive power), longevity, and enhances sexual desire, provides health, energy, and strength. It removes kandu (itching), mala, ashram (fatigue), sweda (sweat), lethargy, Trishna (thirst),daha (burning sensation), and ill feeling. Ayurveda suggests that having a very hot water bath is bad for eyes and hair. Always use cold or lukewarm water. Bathing in very cold water in the winter season vitiates Kapha and Vata, likewise bathing in very hot water in the hot season vitiates Pitta and Rakta. Also, it is said in Ayurveda that taking a bath right after eating food is harmful because it leads to indigestion, nausea, and abdominal discomfort. These daily regimen procedures have beneficial effects on the proper functioning of the body thereby maintaining a state of equilibrium of three doshas (vata, pitta, kapha), seven dhatu, three mala, and power of digestion along with pleasant mind, soul, and sense organs, which in turn helps to attain positive health.

Dr. Jyotirmayee Verma

From India to the World: Nadi Tarangini’s Vision of Health and Wellness.

Ayurveda is a traditional system of medicine that originated in India thousands of years ago. It is based on a holistic approach to health and wellness, focusing on the balance between mind, body, and spirit. The practice of Ayurveda has gained popularity globally over the years, and its principles and treatments have been adopted in various parts of the world.

This traditional strength of Ayurveda blends in with the state-of-the-art technology of Nadi Tarangini. Nadi Tarangini is a digital revolutionary AI sensor-based patented product which can perform Nadi Pariksha with maximum accuracy. It is available with features of an 8 pages Ayurveda parameters-based report card which is an actual assessment of your minute inner health parameters.

In Ayurveda, the pulse is considered to be a reflection of the state of various organs and systems in the body. Nadi Pariksha is a term from traditional Indian medicine, specifically Ayurveda. It refers to the practice of pulse diagnosis, where a skilled practitioner assesses a person’s health and imbalances by feeling their pulse.

Through Nadi Pariksha we can know about the predominant doshas that are within the body and it is also important for finding the root causes. An accurate Nadi Pariksha can provide insights into inner health and metabolism.

  • What if I am suffering from lifestyle disorders and I have to do Nadi Pariksha from an Ayurved clinician for better health?
  • What if I want to assess my metabolic health by Nadi Pariksha but I stay in the USA?

Nadi Tarangini is now Global-

Nadi Pariksha (Pulse Diagnosis) is a well-appreciated method of Ayurveda being practiced across the globe but to get an authentic assessment from Vaidyas who specialized in Nadi Pariksha is a rare combination. This is where Nadi Tarangini comes in place, it is an apt and authentic solution for all above said problems and is available globally in countries viz- Australia, Fiji, Brazil, Germany, United Kingdom, and the United States of America It is a well-established, patented, and technology-based tool for the assessment of Nadi.

Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya Minister for Health and Family Welfare
Pradeep Kakkattil WINFUND, WHO SDG3 Innovation
Dr. Geetha Krishnan Technical Officer, WHO
Dr. Indra Pandey Ambassador of India, Geneva
  • How to check your nearest Nadi Tarangini Center?

Nadi Tarangini website -

The Nadi Tarangini Website displays our Nadi Pariksha Centers which are using the Nadi Tarangini device in India. Nadi Tarangini is across 500+ locations globally. You can simply track the nearby location with the specifications of clinics. Nadi Tarangini offers the most innovative and easiest way to track Nadi Pariksha clinics by mapping them on websites. One can locate the nearest clinic performing Nadi Pariksha very quickly.

Our Social Media Handles-

We have feature videos of clinics using Nadi Tarangini on our social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

You can locate the nearest clinics, wellness, and spa centers that use the Nadi Tarangini device through these platforms.

Nowadays Principles of Ayurveda are seen to be adopted by different countries and different cultures. Ayurveda believers from the USA, Europe, Australia, and even the NRIs are leaning toward holistic natural things. With the increasing number of Yoga studios, wellness Centers, and Yoga retreats we can see how people are focused on being healthy through clean and natural ways.

Ayurved always focuses on an individual-specific approach whether it is diet, lifestyle modifications, or treatment. Nadi Tarangini works coherently with a similar individual-specific system. With an assessment of the Predominant dosha within the body along with metabolic health and mental health quotients. Through Nadi Tarangini, the Vaidyas provide lifestyle modifications that are beneficial to prevent major diseases. By using Nadi Tarangini to assess Nadi, we are reaching one step closer to a healthy life. With easy-to-use technology, Nadi Tarangini is becoming popular in healthcare and fitness.

This blend of technology and Ayurveda wisdom of Nadi Pariksha is the key to improving quality of life and to maintaining health harmony.

Remember early detection of changes within the body is the key to preventive care. So, what are you waiting for? Take a moment to improve your Quality of Life with Nadi Tarangini.

Nadi Tarangini Center: Your Pathway to Holistic Wellness through Pulse Diagnosis

  • How to head to your nearest Nadi Tarangini center to do Nadi Pariksha?
  • How to locate your nearest Ayurveda doctor or Wellness Spa which has Nadi Tarangini center ?

Nadi Pariksha, also known as Nadi Vigyan or Pulse Diagnosis, is an ancient Ayurvedic diagnostic technique used to assess a person’s overall health and determine imbalances in the body. “Nadi” translates to “pulse,” and “Pariksha” means “examination” or “assessment” in Sanskrit. This method is widely practised in traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda) and is believed to offer valuable insights into a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Based on these results, one can take the best preventive care with lifestyle modifications that keeps health harmony.

Traditionally Nadi Pariksha is performed by a Nadi Vaidya. The Nadi Vaidya places their fingers gently on specific pulse points on the wrist, known as “Nadi Sthanas,” and feels the subtle vibrations and rhythms of the pulse. Each Nadi Sthana is associated with different organs, body systems, and doshas (the three vital energies—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) in Ayurveda.

With everything being digitized nowadays, we have taken these traditional methods to new heights through our device Nadi Tarangini.

NADI TARANGINI is a digital, patented, sensor technology-based instrument that can perform Nadi Pariksha with maximum accuracy. It is available with features of an 8 pages Ayurved parameters-based report card which is an actual assessment of your minute inner health parameters.

Are you intrigued by this and curious about what Nadi Pariksha unveils about your body?

  • To know how strong your immune system is.
  • And get personalized suggestions on what food and activities are best for you.

The Nadi Tarangini Website displays our Nadi Pariksha Centers which are using the Nadi Tarangini device in India. Nadi Tarangini is across 500+ locations globally. You can simply track the nearby location with the specifications of clinics. Nadi Tarangini offers the most innovative and easiest way to track Nadi Pariksha clinics by mapping them on websites. One can locate the nearest clinic performing Nadi Pariksha very quickly.

Our Social Media Handles-
We have feature videos of clinics using Nadi Tarangini on our social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

How will Ayurvedic Clinics benefit from this?

Nadi Tarangini benefits the Ayurvedic Clinics and the Practitioners as it serves as a unique and specialized feature of the clinic. Patients or interested individuals can easily reach these clinics by using maps on the website provided by Nadi Tarangini. With apt. Analysis, reports, lifestyle modification based on those reports, and follow-up will help track patients’ health very scientifically. Nadi Tarangini also runs campaigns on all and everything health which helps the Vaidyas using Nadi Tarangini reach more people which helps in the overall growth of the clinics.

How Nadi Tarangini Center locator will help the patient?

The patients who want to get Nadi Pariksha through Nadi Tarangini can access the clinic location through Google Maps and through our Social Media Campaigns can locate the nearest Vaidyas, ayurveda clinics, wellness and spa which uses Nadi Tarangini device.

Remember early detection of changes within the body is the key to preventive care. So, what are you waiting for? Take a moment to improve your Quality of Life with Nadi Tarangini. Book your visit to the Nearest Nadi Tarangini Centre now.

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