Time to Care for our “Superheroes” at Home!!

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“Men will be Men ”, this saying catches our attention each time. We think of how they manage responsibilities both indoors & outdoors with all the enthusiasm, mischief & excitement. With changing times both Men & Women are interchanging the roles & responsibilities to take care of the balance in the family. But when it comes to Men’s Health, our Superheroes are always seen putting the health & well-being of the family first. On the occasion of International Men’s Health Week, let’s take a minute to know about how to care for their health!!

International Men's Health Week

The roles of Men traditionally in India have been of the earning members in the family. The responsibilities & constant peer pressure could lead to stress, irregular sleep & eating patterns & high level of mental health situations. With different sets of expectations, emotions and physical strengths, their everyday struggles are different. Understanding them and taking care of our SUPERHEROES is extremely important to care for the family’s Balance.

Let’s put a quick light on some of the statistics which will make us understand how essential it is to make them aware to care for their Health –

• Among men age 65 and over, more than 39% have heart disease, compared to about 27% of women in the same age group

• This disabling neurological disease affects about 50% more men than women

• Women have higher rates of depression, but men have higher suicide rates

• While men in India are prone to develop lifestyle diseases in their 30s, women tend to develop them a couple of decades later – in their 50s, says a study

If we observe minutely, all the above facts are linked with incorrect lifestyle, excess stress, incorrect habits & abuse at times knowingly or unknowingly.

Work pressure, stress, weekend party culture, smoking and drinking, sedentary lifestyle, incorrect food habits and irregular sleeping patterns are the main reasons which are affecting Men more than women. It is the vicious cycle that can further lead to lifestyle disorders like high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, etc. These lifestyle disorders are observed to be increased in more manifolds post-pandemic.

Different Health Issues

Apart from above-mentioned health issues, men are observed to suffer most commonly from digestive troubles, weight gain, migraine, musculoskeletal disorders, eye disorders, cancers due to over-compromised working culture, high stress, irregular habits and excess screen time.

Men's Health

Nowadays there are clearly more conversations around mental health concerns but many still don’t have the courage to reach out and seek help. It may even be a harder battle for men who are asked to ‘man-up’ every time they show any vulnerability. The complex gender dynamics, especially stereotypes, of our society make them consider seeking help for better mental health contrary to the concept of being strong and becoming unsuitable for the role of a provider.
every time.

Ayurved mentioned one key solution to all the above problems. A Balanced & State of Equilibrium can be achieved if we follow a Dinacharya specific to Men’s health needs. Nadi Pariksha has the most appropriate potential of “Nidan or diagnosis” at the early onset stage. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is the need of time. This can be achieved by connecting with a well-known platform fit to track you & help you get better. Book a Digital Nadi Pariksha @home for your Superheroes today by a National start-up award winner platform- TURYAA.

Let our Digital Nadi Pariksha @home help your “Superheroes’ ‘ to not only stay in great health & shape but also to stay stress-free & balanced in their life ahead. Digital Nadi Pariksha @home can provide corrective solutions every day and help you and your “Superheroes Inner health” hugely.

Health is real wealth’ they say,

It’s time to protect and care for our beloved “Superheroes” of the family from future health hazards. Show them we care, because “Men’s Health Matters’‘. Digital Nadi Pariksha @home with Turyaa will be the best gift to show our “Superheroes” that we equally love them & care for them as they care for us!! well-being.
June Men's Health Month

Dr. Gayatri Kulkarni – Mulye (MD Ayurved),
Vaidya Tejaswini Bhale – Borse (Ayurveda Physician),
Shruti Kulkarni (Clinical Nutritionist)

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