Basti – Your Body’s AC in Monsoon

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Basti - AC in Monsoon

The air conditioner has become a need especially in summer and is no more a luxury. AC adjusts the temperature of the surrounding air to make you feel comfortable. Now the questions are Does AC equally essential in once the temperature becomes quietly manageable during Monsoon? Those who are saying ‘NO’ Hang on. We have got something interesting for you.

Ayurveda advocates that human body is a small version of the universe. The universe is made up of five basic elements (Panch Mahabhuta) so as a human body. Vata is considered as representative of Air in a human body. Respiration, Heartbeat, Movements of joints, Excretion of waste material from the body are some of the noteworthy functions of Vata. Even our nervous system is governed by Vata only.This Vata gets disturbed due to atmospheric changes in rainy season.
This disturbed Vata causes various illness of digestive and musculoskeletal system. Following diseases are seen due to disturbed Vata

  • Digestive diseases like Gases, Abdominal bloating, Reduced Appetite, Constipation
  • Bone & joint diseases like
  • Knee pain (Osteoarthritis, RA)
  • Low back pain (Lumbar Spondylosis, PID, Sciatic Pain)
  • Neck pain (Cervical Spondylitis)
  • Irregular menstruation due to PCOD, Dysmenorrhea, Fibroid, Menopausal Syndrome
  • Obesity
  • Paralysis
  • Certain heart diseases
  • Anorectal diseases like Piles, Fissure
  • Kidney stone

Monsoon is an ideal time to condition the air inside your body i.e. Vata. The best Air conditioner for Vata is known as Basti. Basti is nothing but a medicated enema. But it is not like an ordinary soap water or glycerin enema to flush out a stool and waste material from a body. Basti is a panchakarma procedure in which medicated oil, ghee or decoction is administered through anal route.
As per Ayurveda large intestine is a head office of Vata which controls the functions of Vata all over the body. So Basti administered in large intestine acts as a corrective measure against the disturbed Vata during monsoon. So Basti is nothing but AC to condition Vata in your body. There are many types of Basti. But generally, two main types are observed.

Anuvasan Basti – Medicated oil enema.
Niruha Basti – Decoction enema.
These Anuvasan and Niruha are administered in an alternate fashion. There are various courses of Basti. Your physician decides the suitable course for you as per your constitution (Prakruti) and nature of the illness.
Yog Basti – It’s an 8 days course with 5 Anuvasan (Oil) enema and 3 Niruha (Decoction) enema.
Kala Basti – 16 days course with 10 Anuvasan (Oil) enema and 6 Niruha ( Decoction) enema.
Karma Basti – 30 days course with 18 Anuvasan and 12 Niruha Basti.

Monsoon is here.
So, guys, it’s time to switch on the AC to condition your VATA.

Dr. Pushkar Purushottam Wagh
Ayush Ayurveda Clinic
A – 5, Palm view,
RX – 37, MIDC,
Dombivli (E)

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