Nurturing Kids through Ayurveda.

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Childhood offers a critical window of opportunity to shape the trajectory of a child’s holistic development and build a foundation for their future. Proper health care, nutrition, protection from harm, sense of security and opportunities for early learning are needed to nourish developing brains and fuel growing bodies.

The role of Ayurveda in kid’s care is precise and rewarding. It is a comprehensive technique that takes into consideration factors of physical, emotional and psychological characteristics that have an influence on the child’s health to varying degrees. Ayurveda uniquely focuses on preventive care for kids including preconception care, gestational care, birthing care, infant care, early childhood care and adolescence care for better growth and development.

Early childhood development is a period of great opportunity, but also one of great vulnerability.

A kid’s development Is a sequence that encapsulates physical, speech, thought, and emotional changes from birth until adulthood. Both genetic and external factors influence a child’s development. Genetics determine a child’s physical and mental makeup while external factors influences their overall development. While there are many ways to support a kid’s development, approach provided by Ayurveda is very specific and unique.

Unique approach of Ayurveda In kid’s care –

  1. Individual specific approach for diet and nutrition
  2. Preventive measures in childhood for avoiding adverse effects due to seasonal changes
  3. Rasayan chikitsa as per requirement for good immunity
  4. Healthy daily and seasonal regime

1. Individual specific approach for diet and nutrition.

Individual specific approach for diet and nutrition (1)

If we observe closely, we can identify different features related to body physics, skin, bone – muscle strength, hair type and metabolic patterns in kids with similar age. This unique blend of characteristics are due to Prakruti according to Ayurveda. Each of us is born with a distinct constitution, a particular combination of vata, pitta, and kapha—that is completely unique to each of us. This concept of prakruti is also applicable to children. Prakruti comes with certain strengths and weaknesses related to physical and mental health. That’s why some kids may get cold very often or some are vulnerable to constant stomach upsets. Ayurveda emphasizes on identifying these strengths and weaknesses and working on it. Ayurveda is a unique system of medicine in that it does not profess one-size-fits-all solutions, but rather honours and celebrates each individual. Diet and nutritional requirements for every kid are altogether different and they are very specific and plays crucial role in kid’s growth and development.

Traits in kids according to prakruti –

According to Ayurveda, the balyavastha (Early childhood) is having predominant kapha dosha. In addition to Kapha predominance, kids will also have their own blend of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas.

Kids with Vata prakruti-

Kids having Vata prakruti are likely to be highly creative, quick-witted and energetic. They may also be prone to anxiety, restlessness, have difficulty sleeping and might be picky eaters. They are vulnerable for skin tanning, dry skin and metabolic disturbances including stomach upset, constipation etc. Diet and nutrition for preventing prakruti related consequences are very important. Ayurveda uniquely provides insights related to specific diet, nutritional requirements, exercises and preventive care for different prakrutis.

Kids with Pitta prakruti-

Kids with pitta prakruti are generally articulate, smart, and confident and may be prone to strong bursts of anger or frustration. Pitta children might also have a sharp appetite, and they generally do not like to skip meals. Children with this dosha should avoid activities that will fire them up, and should instead practice mindfulness and be served cooling, fresh foods like fruits and vegetables. Dairy food is also beneficial for them.

Kids with Kapha prakruti-

Kids with Kapha predominance are often compassionate, steady, focused and may be lethargic or even a little lazy. They likely sleep well and genuinely enjoy their food. Although all children have Kapha predominance but too much of this dosha can cause an imbalance. To correct this, Kapha-dominant children should be encouraged to exercise or practice yogic stretches daily. They should avoid cold, heavy foods like milk and cheese, and should instead eat spiced foods with garlic, ginger or cinnamon.

Here, Ayurveda uniquely guides about individual specific diet and exercise for kids.

More to this in the field of sports Ayurveda, prakruti related inherent strengths and weaknesses are identified for excelling in particular sports. So selection of sports, nutrition related to particular sports based on prakruti is new horizon based on principles of Ayurveda.

Apart from nutritional requirement, daily calories and healthy diet, Ayurveda more focuses on individual specific diet. This individual specific diet plays crucial role in kid’s development.

Many times Recurrent cough, upper respiratory tract infections, stomach upset, weight loss, skin problems are associated with inappropriate diet which is not suitable for particular prakruti.

Annaprashan/Phalaprashana sanskara (first time food/fruit eating ceremony in children), suvarnaprashan, early initiation of breast feeding, exclusive breastfeeding, avoiding of the bottle feeding, hygiene and appropriate complementary feeding are important factors for the maintenance of the nutritional wellbeing of children described by Ayurveda.

Ayurveda focuses on wholesome meal and not on supplements. Food should include different vegetables, milk, nuts and seeds, whole grains, lentils, beans and berries etc.

2. Preventive measures in childhood for avoiding adverse effects due to seasonal changes

One of the key advantages of Ayurveda for children is that it is a preventative approach to health. Body needs to adapt itself according to the seasonal variation to remain healthy, fit & disease free.

Seasonal, environmental factors easily affects kids in terms of health. Multiple infections accompany us with seasonal changes. The chances of getting bacterial infections also increase with temperature changes may trigger acute or chronic conditions in the kids.

Preventive measures in childhood for avoiding adverse effects due to seasonal changes (1)

Ayurveda describes Rutucharya briefly including suitable food, lifestyle, exercises, and clothing according to particular season which is very important to follow for kids. It also describes some complementary food inclusion to avoid health hazards related to particular seasonal.

Complementing food with dry ginger, pepper, honey, cinnamon, turmeric etc are simple and easy solutions provided by Ayurveda especially for kids for maintaining health harmony.

3. Rasayan chikitsa as per requirement for good immunity.

Ayurveda can help to strengthen a child’s immune system, boost their resilience, and support their overall development. This is particularly important in today’s fast-paced world, where many children are disconnected from the natural world and its healing powers.

Ayurveda for kids strongly emphasizes helping children establish healthy daily routines besides a healthy diet. According to Ayurveda, digestion is the foundation of good health. Kids with optimum digestive strength seen to be enjoying optimal health and well-being throughout their lives.


The alignment of children’s diets and lifestyle practices with the rhythms of nature has a significant impact on supporting the digestive fire in children. This is the main foundation for building good immunity.

The immunity of the kids is at developing stage and we can boost it with proper care. Some herbal formulations including chavanprash, bramhiprash, asthipushti are having amazing results in kids.

Children with a poor immune system are more vulnerable to various illnesses. More to it, antibiotics are often overused and misused due to the rising occurrence of illnesses, resulting in antimicrobial resistance. These all factors negativity affects immunity of kids.

The Ayurvedic paediatric medicines are full of ingredients that help kids regain their natural immunity and lead healthy and growing lives.

Exclusive features of Ayurveda for kids –

  1. Suvarnaprashana is one of the comprehensive immunizer mentioned in Ayurveda. It is a safe Ayurvedic combination which is beneficial for normal growth and development of children. It is prepared with pure gold in its bio-available form and other Ayurvedic Immune-modulators and brain tonics. The medicine is given on the day of Pushya Nakshatra of every month.
  2. Modulatory diet as tonic made by food items for underweight, malnourished kids including Sattu, milk and Ghee combination, panchamruta, kharjuradi manth are very unique formulation described by Ayurveda.
  3. Holistic approach for treating paediatric problems is unique feature of Ayurveda.

Nadi Tarangini for kids –

Nadi Tarangini
  1. Nadi Tarangini is patented sensor based technology which can able to diagnose Nadi by which one can understand inner imbalances within dosha. By knowing and analyzing this, Nadi Tarangini can provide insights about parameters like gut health, emotional well-being, physical health etc. Of kids.
  2. Nadi Tarangini can provide personalized diet and lifestyle apt for kid based on prakruti and current health status.
  3. Nadi Tarangini can be helpful for identifying skill sets related to physical and emotional health of kid based on which Nadi Tarangini can suggest exercise, sports and even tasks to improve and excel skill sets.
  4. Nadi Tarangini can provide dietary and lifestyle modifications to cope with changes within body particularly during pre-exam and exam period.
  5. By analyzing gut health and providing apt nutritional guidelines, Nadi Tarangini can help to boost kid’s immunity which will be helpful for proper growth and development.

In short, Nadi Tarangini will be helpful in maintaining health harmony in every stage of kid’s life starting from infant period to teen age.

Nadi Tarangini can take care of Kids and can prevent ill effects due seasonal changes, hectic schedule and lifestyle changes during pre-exam period and exam period along with stressful situations.

Nadi Tarangini will serve as personal guide for every kids and parents.