Swasthya Your greatest-investment

Swasthya: Your greatest investment.

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Health we should consider as an asset.

  • A middle age IT engineer transformed himself after weight gain during COVID for participating in Marathon. He designs his own diet and exercise from the information available on social media. Though he was well prepared in sessions, on the day of Marathon, he got breathlessness, chest pain, back pain which landed him into emergency medical room.
  • Well educated working women was extremely happy with her newborn baby. After couple of years, she started facing complaints like depression, emotional breakdowns, lack of concentration, sleep disturbances, fatigue due to which she started struggling with day today activities which shakes her confidence in long term.

In the era of race against time for achieving education, job, financial goals, and family goals we are trashing our own core systems on which above progress is totally dependent that is our Health. The evidences happening around us are making us to rethink about our health which is most of the time taken as granted in most of the scenarios.

We often come across the terms like assets and liability in the business sectors. In business terms, an asset is a resource of value that you own or lease that helps you run your business. Similarly in real life, health should be considered as an asset which is responsible for wealth.

Rethink for better health

  • Do you know, Ayurveda has mentioned that poor gut health may manifest as fatigue, upset stomach, skin conditions and autoimmune challenges. Do you know what is the score of your gut health quotient?
  • Psychosocial factors can negatively impact physiology of the gut. In other words, stress (or depression or other psychological factors) can affect your gut health. Do you know about your emotional well-being quotient?
  • You are having regular check-ups of haemoglobin, sugar, lipid profile etc. but what about your gut health / mental health / strength?

Ayurveda defines health as Swasthya. Swasthya means state of being healthy. Good health is state of equilibrium of the three doshas i.e. Vata, Pitta and kapha, where the mind and all the organs of the body work in harmony and the person enjoys peace and happiness and performs his/her duty of life with comfort and ease.

So, are we really in the state of harmony and really enjoying our life? Being healthy is much different than having good blood reports with values in normal range. Ayurveda has a unique way of understanding the body, health and diseases. Various determinants including biological, ecological, medical, psychological, sociocultural, spiritual, and metaphysical factors which depend on each other have their role in determining health in Ayurveda. Ayurveda always focuses on good Quality of Life which includes Emotional well-being, interpersonal relations, self-determination, social inclusion, material well-being, personal development, rights, and physical well-being.

All these parameters used by Ayurveda for determining state of Health have different roles in social and work life. So, considering these all aspects of health, we should consider it as biggest asset which will excel our socioeconomic status and wealth.

Your overall health and well-being—emotional, mental, spiritual as well as physical—should always be your number one priority. Without it, nothing else matters.


Many people spend years dreaming about their settled life for starting good health regime including exercise. Preserving good health during the working years is very important for achieving working and financial goals also.

When we consider and weigh the physical and intangible assets in our life, everyone should ask themselves that where does your personal health and vitality lie on that scale? This question allows everyone to plot the most direct course towards their life goals and aspirations. With that, it is my substantiated belief that your health, as an intangible, but invaluable resource or asset, should rank at or near the top of your personal value scale and priorities.

Your personal health is a very valuable asset if you take care of it, but if you neglect it, it can become a liability when you get older. You see, what you invest in your health is like what you invest in a bank savings account or financial investment account, the earlier that you start saving, the more equity that you accumulate over time. Therefore, the longer that you take to invest in your health, the less returns that you should expect to see.

‘System checks’ with Nadi Tarangini –

There are norms of conducting ‘system checks’ in many job fields for improving job performance, interpersonal communication performance, system performances etc. We cannot correct something or improve upon something if we are unable to identify the issue. Nadi Tarangini can improve every aspect of your health by System checks.

According to Ayurveda, for maintaining good, healthy lifestyle and QoL, it is necessary to understand individual prakruti, Doshasthiti of body. Based on that Ayurveda can illustrate lifestyle suitable to particular individual. This unique individual specific approach illustrated by Ayurveda helps to maintain health harmony at its best.

  • Understanding of individual body along with its physiology, assessment of health parameters such as gut health, emotional health etc can be achieved with the help Nadi Tarangini. Nadi Tarangini is unique sensor-based technology blended with Ayurveda wisdom. Nadi Tarangini can provide personalized diet and lifestyle based on above assessment.
  • Consuming proper food according to individual prakruti, daily exercise, care of nutritional requirement according to age, gender, profession and maintaining healthy daily regime is the first and upmost step in maintaining health harmony. Nadi Tarangini can give personalized insights on it.

When it comes to health, it is always necessary to do assessments for understanding the exact status. Blood reports are reflections of long-term ill effects reflected on the body. Healthy gut, mind and balances between tridosha can be assessed to prevent slightest variation within body with the help of Nadi Tarangini. This method of self-assessment allows us to either take action to resolve it or it reinforce positive behaviours such as performing physical exercise or diet control.

Most approaches to health over the centuries have focused on the absence of illness. In contrast, we are investigating in positive Health—well-being beyond the mere absence of disease.

Your health is your greatest wealth and asset. Your healthy body gives you the strength and energy that help you to achieve better results in every aspect of your life.