“Devil in Disguise”: Did you know Lifestyle factors can cause Cancer!

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“No matter what the statistics say, there is always a way”. But the fact is that all stats Globally say, there is a high rise in the number of cases of most non-communicable diseases, especially Cancer is at high risk across ages and continents. It’s high time that we really focus on some important Lifestyle factors that could be totally avoided. Each year we hope to see these statistics of Incidence rate going up and each year we fail…. it’s getting to be like a “Devil in disguise” always waiting for us, wanting us!!!

What we need to have been a change in the way we think, our attitudes…It’s pretty easy and common to say “Chalta hain na bhai, kuch nahi hota hain. Daily thoda alcohol pene se kya problem hoga, iss se Cancer nahi hota?
Or “I like to have a suntan every year in the Caribbean, I use sunblock, so I don’t have a risk of skin cancer??”
Or “Isn’t it true that people who smoke more than a packet of cigarettes get cancer, I mean I actually use E-cigarette!! “
Or “At night I utilize my time by listening to podcasts on my Wireless speakers, come on, speakers dont emit radiation, ok???”
Have you heard people around you saying this with a “ignore maro” tone? And do you also with a big question mark attitude think of “jane do bhai, aapane ko iss kya lena dena” and “just moved on” by thinking nope, these wrong or ignorant lifestyle inclusions cannot be a risk factor for we are getting closer to Cancer…what I am thinking!! Well then, my friend, you really need to get your knowledge updated.

The truth is we have the power to minimize the effects of these lifestyle factors around us, kind of lurking around us-captivating-pulling us towards them, and but we do maximize the chance of keeping our health good and live a long and happy life under constant thought and pressure and that longing for “Living happily ever after”. Let’s give it a thought today and know how our changing Lifestyle factors are now the true risk factors for Cancer just like the “Devil in Disguise”?

Smoking fashion: We all know “Smoking Kills’ ‘…then whether it’s 1 cigarette to a pack of cigarettes or even new age E-Cigarettes or flavored Hookahs’. They all have tobacco or nicotine like substances being the leading cause of death due to Lung cancers or Oral cancers worldwide, on usage over a period of time. With prosperity, power comes money and money attracts all these upend mindsets. We need to inculcate the habit that with good money you may follow your dreams of traveling around, pursuing new hobby’s and still be followed & liked on Instagram or Snapchat by your group of friends & Followers, with a bonus of living a long life and saving the money you would have smoked away otherwise!!

Alcohol fad: With the rise in “Happy Hours’ & “Good Times” we all embraced the saying “Alcohol is man’s worst enemy. But the Bible Says’ Love thy enemy”. I mean we have really accepted this worst enemy of ours and the rising numbers of incidence rates of Liver damage, pancreatic cancers or colorectal cancers have been on the rise too. Not to forget deaths due to “drink & drive” and falls and violence. Ethanol or Ethyl alcohol in small or large quantities is fatal to your heart, brain & liver. Whatever brands big or small, local or imported, all types of Alcohol fads affect your health in a big way. Your body, your genes and the type of diet you consume with alcohol all have shown to have a high correlation with developing cancers in later ages. Staying away from Alcohol is simply & truly “Living Life King-Size ”.

Gadget Freak: “Your cell phone has replaced your friends, your adventures, your memory… but don’t let it replace You”. We have all become gadget freaks. All ages from babies to oldies all are constantly with their smartphone. We cannot imagine our lives without our cell phones, internet, social media, even the blog I am writing is using my laptop. It has spanned our lives, our homes, offices, schools, everywhere we go. 

There is no life without them. We sleep with our phones next to our pillows nearing the charging points. We eat dinner around the table with eyes on the TV or iPad screens. We go out for a run and our smart watches are paired with our Bluetooth headphones because we are relaxing with music…. we are never ever without our gadgets…. But we forget that these are electronic devices, and they breathe out or emit radiation and some can be extremely hazardous. The radiation exposure in the long term may cause serious health conditions like brain tumors, blood cancer and some have already shown birth-defects in babies. We read about this so many times and we also follow a thorough “Digital Detox” on a weekly or monthly basis, just like any other “Fad”. Can we come out of this “Digital mode” and turn on the “No-gadget mode” for just 1 moment of our life and for the sake of our health. “Time to get into a digital lockdown, it’s Time to think”.

Bold Beauty: “Wear the Real You!!” This saying has become the new “Skincare Mantra” of the decade. Most daily cleansing materials, skin care products, cosmetic goods all speak this one language. “Explore our best, organic, non-comedogenic, paraben free, cruelty free products and we will make you feel 10 years younger just like a “Baby’s skin-The Real You”. To a great extent new age skin care products are getting really good, highly advanced, organic, expensive. But excess use of these skin care products can cause skin cancers or extreme skin issues. So, trust me the Instagramable “No Make-up” is the new look and a good weekly detox is a must for a perfect Skin care routine. Go ahead flaunt that clear skin and be the New “Bold & Beautiful”.

There could be several reasons, elements or issues that could be the risk factor for having Cancer. But it is said by the wise “What you do today can improve all your tomorrows”. So, staying natural, being yourself, sleeping well & trusting your body signs are some great ways to early prevention of any disease, even the worst of the Cancers. Let’s pledge in honor of all those amazing Cancer Survivors that we will “stay safe, be calm & fight on” this Devil in Disguise together!!!

Author: Mrs. Shruti Prashant Kulkarni
B.Sc. (Foods & Nutrition), M.Sc. (Public Health)
Clinical Nutritionist, Diabetes Educator & Counsellor, Ph.D. scholar
Research & Product Domain Expert (Atreya Innovations Pvt Ltd)
Chief Nutrition Counsellor (Germany)


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