Care or comfort for yourself. What will you choose?

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How will you define “taking care of yourself”. Create a new self-care practice today. Observe your comfort level when it comes to being you. Discomfort is a wise teacher.
-ByCaroline Myss & Peter Occhiogrosso


We humans are always fond of showing compassion, bonding, and kindness when it comes to people, animals & situations around us, but when was the last time you decided to look first after yourself.

When was the last time you sat down reading the newspaper with a hot cup of Tea only for yourself? When was the last time you cooked and ate something freshly made only for you? When was the last time you decided for a regimen to boost your confidence and not to get into the dress you were gifted by your loved ones???

It’s time we start with the famous saying “Charity begins at home” We start by taking care of ourselves first to comfort ourselves first to help others excel with their Goals. To achieve larger Goals in our lives, our family life, our social life, our national life & our Global life!!!

To excel in our life regimens we need to understand our body’s needs & work towards caring for our body system for it to work independently without any hustle. Unfortunately, being in this constant state of hustle often leads to neglecting your simple needs.

Let’s look at some easy to do guilt-free self care tips to stay with your regimen of understanding your body’s needs.


Eating natural ingredients that are rich in vitamins, fibre, and healthy fats

Balance your plate well

In an attempt to save time, people will often resort to fast-food, pre-packaged meals, and other quick but not-so-healthy options. But there are some easy nutrition hacks, options which are home-made, simple to gather, loaded with goodness & pocket-friendly too. Eating natural ingredients that are rich in vitamins, fibre, and healthy fats can transform both your mental and physical health. Ultimately, eating healthy doesn’t have to be a major time commitment, but the benefits to your well-being are well worth the effort. So give that a try from today.

Get enough sleep

Waking up late doesn’t actually mean you had a great quality sleep today. We think each night about going to bed early, but are tempted to stay awake to the most fabulous things on the gadgets we have may it be late night instagram post or your mid-night online sale, we are tempted to stay awake till late. By going to sleep at the same time as part of your nightly routine, your body’s internal clock will be relaxed and give you more energy in the morning. Listen to your body allow it to reboot & unwind well each night. Don’t keep sleep recovery restricted to only weekends & holidays!!

De- stress from daily routine

We all are living a face-paced, highly competitive life each day, leading to piling of stress in our all relations: personal, work, social relations. Dealing with stress is not just coping with it, but to find solution to change stress into a positive entity and channelize the stress into something fruitful. One of the best self-care de-stress technique is mediation. Meditation in a way helps to channelize stress into a positive de-stress state and allows you to handle situations arising from stress well. In a way it cares for your inner health to re-kindle your inner strength.


Unwind with family, friends

It is well said that family and friends are your greatest facilitators. When you don’t get the right words to handle & care for yourself, the loved ones around you always help channelize your strength & weaknesses in the correct direction to help you reach your paths well. A small chit-chat over coffee, a movie-time with your siblings, a quite dinner with your loved ones or a Sunday lunch perp with your parents are all new ways and means of driving & boosting your care aspect towards others and yourself. Keep meeting them to stay connected to the True you!

Indulge in me-time

The first step to self-care begins with finding time for “Yourself-by your own self”. The concept of “Me-time” goes a far way to bring back that harmony & balance within you, to help create an harmony with your surroundings, your work, your society. The day we will start believing in this we will find the best way to get better, healthier & happier. It’s well said “Love yourself first, and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get to anything done in the world”. Listening to your favourite music, reading books all by yourself, going for a jog all-alone, making your favourite dish for yourself, buying flowers you love to decorate your house are some of your bucket-list activities!!

Don’t think there is guilt in self-caring to get that comfort zone you wish to stay in all time. Let caring & comforting not move towards being a craving for a lifetime leading to discomfort & deviation from your Goal of health & wellness. Don’t miss the thin line between the two. Care & comfort are like the two sides of a coin; choose wisely & not hastily to move towards your Goal of wellness.

Make PulSay programme your partner to get a unique, personalized regimen to help you achieve your health & wellness Goals without intimidating your self-care aspect & making you feel discomfort able about joining the regimen.

Mrs. Shruti Prashant Kulkarni
B.Sc. (Foods & Nutrition), M.Sc. (Public Health)
Clinical Nutritionist, Diabetes Educator & Counsellor, Ph.D. scholar
Research & Product Domain Expert (Atreya Innovations Pvt Ltd)
Chief Nutrition Counsellor (Germany)

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