Knowing Your Dad: The “Yes Man”

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A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed and yet one of the most valuable assets of society – Billy Graham

With the fast-changing world, today’s fathers are changing and adapting to the changes very fast. From helping in the kitchen to changing nappies… from the earlier Normal to the New Normal, they are sharing each household chores with utmost happiness and willingness. Earlier, fathers used to be the only financial pillar of the family, needs were limited and still the satisfaction was associated with family alone. But the situation is not the same now. Even though we are having multiple financial support, we still lack happiness.

As we all know, Sachin Tendulkar is one of the greatest sport icons in India. Apart from his highly regarded sporting abilities, he is also well known for his very humble and down to earth behavior. On many occasions he has credited his behavioral aspect to his parents in specific to his father Mr. Ramesh Tendulkar. In a nutshell, a father is the first role model for every child.

“My father didn’t tell me how to live. He lived and let me watch him do it.” ~ CLARENCE BUDINGTON KELLAND

Due to the changing era, father is entrusted with additional responsibility of providing enough emotional support to the family which was greatly taken care of by the mother in earlier times. This additional responsibility may force him to neglect his own health issues which can cause catastrophic effects in the long run. In metropolitan cities, many fathers are struggling to spend quality time with kids regularly due to their work culture which leads to emotional as well physical stress. These contribute to some family issues where the father thinks himself as guilty. On the backdrop of Father’s Day, let’s stop and analyse what really is needed by our loving fathers.

Men mostly are shy at expressing their emotions hence their psychological health related struggle is very different which needs a closer look. As we all know, physical and psychological factors are two sides of the same coin. The vicious cycle of impacting each other is very commonly seen in almost every family. Stress, responsibilities, economic burden, guilt, pressure and small health problems are bursting nowadays. These all are leading to health problems like High BP, raised cholesterol, diabetes etc at an early age. Most of the fathers are neglecting, compromising health for their families sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly.

Requirement of nutrition, type of food according to type of work, age is also important. This is the reason we easily observe that food or season suits some while for someone the same may feel harsh. This all we should consider in a holistic way to define and design diet & lifestyle modifications required for our dear fathers. This balance is missing very badly. Fathers are facing hazards of lifestyle changes. Wrong food habits, irregular meal timings, regular travelling type of job, excessive use of AC, inadequate exercise are some health impacting factors. Here, Lifestyle modifications with proper personalised diet, yoga, sleep and water are necessities.

In the middle age of his life he is more courageous, aggressive and fights a lot to achieve his family’s dreams. But doing that of course he ignores his own health and peace of mind. When he moves towards his old age, the love and compassion from family members is the great tonic to him. Paying attention to his physical and psychological health is the major responsibility of the kids.

Retirement life is supposed to be very special. It is the time when you can pursue your hobbies, explore new horizons. It is often seen that poor health or neglected health conditions are affecting the quality of life of senior citizens. Loneliness, anxiety, fear are most common problems in seniors living apart from their children. As it is rightly said that health is the real wealth, we must focus on maintaining the good health of our elders for good quality of life.

Ayurveda defines health as balance between your doshas, all systems and psychological aspects. This health primarily depends upon your lifestyle, your diet, your exercise, sleep etc. Eating at the right time, eating together, types of food items, serving patterns, early sleep and waking up and a good amount of physical activity and sleep are core factors associated with good health.

With this ever-changing world, all fathers face individual specific issues related to work, physical and psychological aspects. Hence, it is highly recommended that one should have an Individual Specific diet, exercise, specific yoga, music considering his set of issues. And in this specific requirement, Turyaa Wellbeing Companion can prove to be a unique solution.

Father can do anything for the family. We have seen the struggle of a father for his child in the very famous movie “Pursuit of Happiness”. As a child we all feel “My daddy strongest” but as a grown up, what can we do to keep the meaning of the line intact? Accept him and understand him before irreversible health changes capture.

A golden triangle for healthy, happy and content life is made up of 1) Assessment of health 2) modification of lifestyle and 3) monitoring of physical and psychological factors. On this occasion of Father’s day, let us contribute to this golden triangle by gifting our father a Turyaa Wellbeing Companion.

Dr. Gayatri Kulkarni – Mulye
MD (Ayurved)
Blogger @ Turyaa Wellness

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