Stress- “The Silent Killer”: Ways to identify and overcome!

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Emotional wellbeing is of utmost importance along with physical and physiological well being.
It is necessary to understand the factors causing emotional disharmony like Stress, Anxiety, depression, etc.

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“In the middle of difficulty(stress) lies opportunity”.

What is stress?

Stress is known as Sahas (excess of physical and mental strain) in Ayurveda. Ayurveda advises to avoid Sahas as it adversely affects the body. Sahas causes of oja kshaya( loss of immunity) and increases the susceptibility of the body to various infectious diseases.
There are different types of stressors- physical, psychological and environmental. They vitiate doshas and could lead to several diseases.
Vata and Pitta are the main doshas vitiated due to stress. Physical stress leads to Vata vitiation and psychological stress leads to pitta vitiation. Prolonged and persistent stress(Sahasa) causes dhatu(body tissues) degeneration and lowers the immunity(ojakshaya) of the body.

According to modern science, Stress is a normal human reaction to overcome disharmony in their day to day life. The human body can experience and cope up with stress.
When one experiences stress, the body produces physical and mental responses through Flight or Fight mode. Due to this fight or flight mode of the body and mind, the sympathetic nervous system is activated.

In stressful situations mainly three hormones Adrenaline, Cortisol and Norepinephrine
play an important role. These three hormones affect the vital systems of our body like the cardiovascular system, circulatory system and musculoskeletal system.
Every time we consider stress as the culprit of life but stress may bring new beginnings in your life if you take stress positively.

“Which zone are you in?”

1. Comfort Zone-

The comfort zone is where your subconscious mind works effortlessly like a day-to-day routine. This daily routine is easy, there are no surprises, however, very little learning or innovation takes place, and you can become unmotivated, bored and disengaged.

2. Stretch Zone-

The stretch zone lies just beyond your secure environment.
The Stretch zone is where you work to expand your knowledge and understanding, and develop the motivation to challenge yourself or take a risk. You might feel more alive, engaged, positive or slightly uneasy, and you’re ready to deal with some uncertainty in this zone and growth takes place in this stretch zone.

3. Stress(Panic) Zone-

The panic zone is also known as the “stress zone”. When taking risks, if you are overwhelmed or threatened by the challenges, you may enter the panic zone. Here, a lot of energy is required to manage and control your anxiety. Here there is no learning and innovation. You should not stay in a panic zone for a longer time as it can be harmful to your health.
Different people have varied responses to these zones.

“The magic happens just outside of your comfort zone and that is the Stretch Zone.”

How to overcome Stress?

Stress has two phases- Eustress and Distress.
Eustress is the initial phase when a person can face challenges and Distress is the next stage where the individual feels overwhelmed and unable to cope with the situation.
Eustress can be managed but Distress needs management.

There are many ways to manage stress like meditation, yoga, exercise, music therapy, following hobbies, food etc. All these activities lead to the secretion of happy hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins. These hormones promote positive feelings like pleasure, happiness as well as regulate the heart rate and digestion.

Turyaa is an Ayurveda driven platform and we recommend all these activities along with proper diet like dates, dry figs, and walnuts to help dhatu poshan(tissue nourishment),
and to reduce stress by balancing Vata and Pitta and nourishing dhatus(body tissues).
Turyaa considers you from all the dimensions of personal, professional, psychological and social aspects. This is the unique feature to give you personalised yoga, music and sleep recommendations to achieve your Emotional well-being goals in the correct way.

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