Always Say “ All is well”

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Most of us have watched the movie “3 Idiots” which revolves around 3 friends. Movie is namakin mixture of all emotions like fun, care, valuing, achievements etc. When we carefully observe, the basic negative shade reflecting through the main movie character is “stress”. The shades of stress are different and hence the reactions to the situations are different. Raju, from committing the suicide to, Farhan, continuing engineering against his will, Pia, struggling for individual opinions are examples of financial, peer pressure, family stress respectively. These all characters from movie are representative of our society.

Nowadays, after the pandemic every family is fighting with the single but most dangerous health enemy i.e. stress. Disturbed work culture, job insecurities, kids struggling with their academics and career along with family stress is common and is affecting every domain of individual health.
According to Ayurveda, the responses to stress are different in different individuals. Age, Prakruti, Sarata, mindset of people / family around individuals are a few responsible factors for different reactions to the same stress cause. Stress in lesser amounts always shows positive response from the body but in excess always leads to imbalance between psychological entities of the body and in the long term affects the physical domain of health as well.

Ayurved mentioned overstress (mental) as a causative factor for impairment of Rasa Vaha srotas (Heart and circulatory system) , Manovaha srotas (psychological domain) and oja kshaya. The long-term effects of over stress are always reflected through complaints like raised hypertension and heart related problems. Stress, if not identified and treated in time always leads to depression and other serious psychological disorders.


So we can fight this enemy of the new normal era with following steps –

1. Analyse yourself for symptoms of over stress –

People always tend to ignore stress unless and until it crushes your core health. Teenage groups always try to hide their problems with their parents. Many times, work related to stress always results in fights, ignorance to other issues affecting relationships, family bonding etc. so acknowledgement of the problem and taking help for its solution is crucial and the first important step.
If you are having the following symptoms, then ask for help. Stress is always having dark and long lasting effects.

  1. Emotional changes: feeling anxious, stressed, irritated, extreme emotional outburst often.
  2. Physical changes: fatigue, headache, upset stomach etc.
  3. Behavioural changes: disturbances in sleep, changed eating patterns, over eating of comfort food
  4. Cognitive changes: You might notice decreased concentration, forgetfulness, and/or the appearance of carelessness.

Turyaa, your health companion, by analysing daily Nadi, emotional quotient, metabolic quotient can easily help you and your family members to identify the problem related to overstress very easily and at a very early stage.

2. Seek the help

Stress is a silent killer and is very common in every family. Taking proper health for equilibrium of your dosha and dhatu is very essential. Turyaa can help you in many ways. Diet and lifestyle correction, taking care of your metabolic as well as emotional domain and care for sleep are the keys provided by Turyaa.
Music therapy, yoga and other factors prove effective to keep the stress away. As stress to one family member always impacts the health of other family members hence seeking help immediately is always Important.

3. Balance your psychological, physical, and social domain of health with healthy routine –

There are many factors emerging as reasons to be overstressed. Physical and mental overstress always affects your core health, work efficacy, success, goals, relationship, and bonding.
Turyaa, can help you by giving an individual specific diet, lifestyle and can take care of your metabolic, emotional health. Inner peace, equilibrium and a strong mind set can be achieved easily by connecting with the Turyaa platform.

So we suggest you get connected with “Turyaa” who will act as “Rancho” in your life to keep your worries/stress away and lead a peaceful, happy life.
Keep smiling and say, All is well !!!

Dr. Gayatri Kulkarni – Mulye (MD Ayurved)
Vaidya Tejaswini Bhale – Borse (Ayurveda Physician)

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