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Shatapavali (100 steps)

Readers today we will discuss on the topic called ‍“Importance of Shatapavali”.‍

Ayurveda advises walking slowly for at least 100 steps after having a meal.
First of all, make it clear that intention of this‍ walking is not for fat burning.
If we ‍walk fast after having a meal it increases all the three doshas in the body. People suffering from Hypertension or any other Cardiac Disorders may land in an emergency situation.

shatapavali benefits of walking after meal

Due to scientific Shatapavali food gets proper movement and direction. It also induces lightness in the upper part of the stomach. Neck, Thigh & Lumbar region gets better relaxation.
If we just get settled after eating, it induces‍ sleepiness. If we didn’t avoid this and made the habit of post-meal‍ sleeping, then respiratory diseases, obesity, and its related disorders will trouble the individual.

Some ‍women give an excuse of back pain to have a post-meal sleep. But I recommend them, to do ‍shatpavali‍ and have a rest on Aaram Khurchi. i.e. special chair designed for relaxation with having a facility of inclination and by using a pillow for lower back support.

Some men say that, it is merely impossible to avoid‍ sleep after the meal. But if we observe clearly, this is mostly seen in those, who don’t drink water while eating and drink it, only at the end of the meal & that also in large amount. If we imagine our stomach as in four parts, 2 parts should be filled with food,1 part should be filled with water & last but the most important 1 part should be kept empty for healthy movement of the Vayu which is necessary to keep our digestive fire ignited. But due to this misjudgment of drinking water, the stomach becomes loaded and one can’t resist the‍ sleepiness.

Scientific application of ‍ “Shatapavali”‍ promotes good digestion and improves quantity and quality of life.

Dr. Mangesh Desai
Yoga & Hypnotherapy Consultant
Pimple Saudagar, Pune.

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