Aarogyarahasya Lekhmala 3

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Vaamkukshi Vichar

Readers today we will discuss the topic called Vaamkukshi.

After Shatapavali you should lie down on the back. You should breath 8 times in this position. Later you should breath 2 times on right lateral position.
After that, you should breath 4 times on left lateral position and have a sound rest.
After having meal “Vayu” generally moves above the umbilicus, so to promote good digestion, you should lie on the left lateral position.

Vaamkukshi Vichar sleeping practices

Sleeping on the cot inhibits all the three doshas :-

  • Sleeping on the cotton made a bed, inhibits Vata Kapha.
  • Sleeping on the wooden bed aggravates Vata.
  • Sleeping on the ground is good for health.

According to some Acharya’s sleeping on the ground aggravates Vata and Rukshata (dryness). It inhibits Raktapitta (a disease in which intermittent bleeding from nose, mouth, rectum, urethra, skin or other parts of the body take place without any external injury.) According to me, this will be seen, if you sleep on the ground, in rainy or winter season & if you sleep on the ground in summer, it will improve your overall health.

Sushayyashayana ( i.e. Sleeping on the good bed set at a good location and considering all favorable criteria ) improves mood, health, sleep, and memory.
It relieves shrama (fatigue) and Vata. It is *vrushya*(aphrodisiac) in nature.
All other shayya’s (sleeping objects or techniques) are opposite in nature.

If you have a sleep after Samvahana (gentle massage) it is good for muscles, blood & skin.
It inhibits Kapha Vata and Shrama (fatigue). It induces sound sleep. It is Vrushya (aphrodisiac) in nature.

According to my view, “Sushayyashayan” means sleeping on the ground or bed decided as per our health requirements.
Shayya should be plain. It should be devoid of wood parts, thorns, debris & mud.
It should be out of risk from vehicles & animals.

Reference :-
Bhavprakash Purvakhanda-Shlok No. 196 – 200 (Dinacharya Chapter)

Dr. Mangesh Desai
Yoga & Hypnotherapy Consultant
Pimple Saudagar, Pune.

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