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Revolutionizing Our Product: A Look at the Latest Changes from Our CTO

Nadi Tarangini, Atreya Innovations’ flagship product, has received a great reception from practitioners from Ayurveda across India. It is the de-facto diagnostic instrument for many Ayurveda practitioners to reshape and enhance their practices. Atreya Innovations has been a pioneer and leader in the instrumentalization or digitalization of Ayurveda.

Nadi Tarangini has become a true success story in the world of Ayurveda. There are many reasons behind its success, but some of the most important include the ergonomic design of the product, its accuracy and repeatability in diagnostic analysis, and transformation of complex subjective domain knowledge into objective parameters. This is why it was honored with the esteemed “Product Design” accolade presented by Lexus Design.
Additionally, the detailed report card that comes with the product gives Ayurvedic practitioners great insight into their patients’ conditions, allowing for more targeted treatment plans. The instrument is also conveniently accessible and easy to use, further adding to its appeal.
All of these factors have helped reshape the way Ayurvedic practitioners approach their practice. With a more objective, trustworthy, and patient satisfaction-oriented approach, practitioners can now deliver even better results to their patients. We take great pride in hearing countless success stories from our customers who have used the Nadi Tarangini.

But we are not stopping here. With the same commitment to improving our offerings, we are thrilled to announce the launch of new products aimed at expanding our reach and introducing the benefits of digitalized Ayurveda to the world. Here is a sneak peak of our upcoming product launches.

1. Ayurveda on Mobile

Available on iOS

To support our large set of customers, we're proud to announce that we're launching the Nadi Tarangini app for iPhone users. We've heard the increasing demand from our domestic and international customers to be able to use the app on Apple devices, and we took their feedback very seriously.

Thanks to our team of developers and testers, we were able to create the Nadi Tarangini app for iOS in record time. Now, iPhone users can also unleash the benefits of Nadi Tarangini based modern Ayurvedic diagnostics.

Available on Android

While the Nadi Tarangini mobile app was available for Android devices, it was being circulated privately. We're happy to announce that we're launching the official mobile app for Android on the Play Store. Both versions of the mobile app are going to have many exciting features, such as auto-save that automatically saves all reports to the cloud database, upgraded APIs that make the app faster and more reliable, and an enhanced look and feel to make it more intuitive and user-friendly.

2. Aarogya Darshika Report Card

We’ve recently launched a simplified version of the report card called the “Aarogya Darshika.” This concise report card is in language that can be understood by anyone, making it insightful for amateurs. The report card has already created a lot of sensation amongst our customers, and the powers of such simple and insightful report cards are many.

Providing this report card to your patients/customers for a charge is proving to be a successful model in terms of both ROI and customer satisfaction. The report can be generated in English/ Hindi/Marathi on the fly, with support for more languages underway. It has an easy-to-read summary about Prakruti and Nadi-based Vikruti and recommends diet and lifestyle-related suggestions. It even recommends a detailed meal plan for an entire week!

3. Enhanced Battery Backup

We’ve upgraded the Nadi Tarangini hardware from Bluetooth Classic to Bluetooth Low Energy, which has improved the product’s battery life. This change doesn’t affect the accuracy or reliability of the product, but it significantly lowers the power consumption requirement of the device, making its battery last longer.

In conclusion, we want you to know that our journey to provide the very best products and services is far from over. We are continuously working on exciting modifications and upgrades to our offerings, and we always prioritize listening to the needs and desires of our customers. Our commitment to delivering world-class solutions that enhance your life and the lives of your customers remains unwavering. Thank you for choosing us, and we look forward to continuing to exceed your expectations.

Stay tuned for even more innovative solutions from Nadi Tarangini!

Parag Kulkarni,
M. Tech, IIT Bombay
Co-Founder and CTO,
Atreya Innovations Pvt Ltd.

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Hon. PM Narendra Modi Ji appreciated Indian Tech startup – Atreya Innovations in “Mann Ki Baat”.

Our Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji is a highly forward-thinking individual who sees technological advancements as being extremely beneficial to the future, particularly in the fields of Ayurveda and healthcare. He always speaks about technological advancements in various fields in the country through his Mann Ki Baat program.

Hon. Modi Ji talks about “Atreya Innovations” and its unique technology-based features in Mann ki Baat, on 27th March 2022

See complete Mann ki Baat video –

This talk is about Ayush startups and their contribution to the Healthcare sector. Ayush, India emerges with new Innovations in the health sector. These new Innovations are the face of the new Healthcare sector of India.

“Atreya Innovations” a Pune-based start-up, are amongst them which emphasize all domains of health with very unique individual’s specific approaches.

The Nadi pariksha is an ancient Ayurvedic technique of diagnosis through the pulse. It is amongst the 8 diagnostics methods of Ayurved. It reflects imbalances amongst Dosha and its effects on inner heath.

This Nadi pariksha i.e., the wisdom of ancient science is well blended with sensor-based technology by “Atreya Innovations”.

Hence this is the perfect Healthcare device for maintaining, balancing all health components. This is well appreciated by PM Narendra Modi Ji in Mann ki Baat. He mentioned his unique features in his talks.

This vision, Innovation, design, and approach are very unique and it is very easy to use at home with the best results. These all peculiarities gave Turyaa, the National startup award 2022 by PM Modi Ji. This award comes in the Healthcare sector and won amongst all entries nationwide.
Starting with Nadi Tarangini in 2015, with the simple concept of digital Nadi pariksha and its implementation were started.

Dr. Aniruddha Joshi, the founder of “Atreya Innovations”, brings the above concept to the next level with his enthusiasm and research-oriented mind. Identifying the capabilities and need of Nadi pariksha for maintaining core, individual-specific health, Quality of Life, he blended the sensor-based technique of Nadi pariksha into user-friendly “Turyaa” @Home Nadi vaidya. It’s really like individual-specific doctors of everyone who wants to focus on the best Quality of Life.

“Turyaa” works with 3 tier approach

1. Nadi Pariksha –

Nadi pariksha is a unique technique that indicates imbalances between dosha or inner health components. Turyaa analyses individual-specific Nadi. Vikruti i.e., imbalances between doshas are determined. Lifestyle changes are suggested through the “Turyaa” app.

2. Turyaa app –

Based on Nadi’s analysis, the app provides individual-specific diet, exercise, water intake, yoga, etc. Prakruti, Age, season are taken into consideration with advice. Also, app analysis metabolic quotient, emotional quotient, stress quotient daily. According to the analysis, lifestyle modifications are suggested.

3. Consultation by coaches-

Trained coaches provide their special lifestyle style approach. They help them for understanding imbalances, dietary causes, etc.

India is newly identified as the land of the burden of lifestyle disorders. This is the perfect device with a very individual-specific approach. With this device, we can predict future health risks and can modify our lifestyle accordingly. It balances physical, physiological emotional, social health domains with a very unique approach.

Hence “Turyaa” by Atreya Innovations is a new generation health sector device and app which not only balances all health components but also provides personalized solutions for every health problem through lifestyle modifications. It is the device that provides health, happiness, and the best Quality of Life which is qualitatively tested and verified in most scientific ways. Let us embrace our ancient Ayurved wisdom through the lens of “Turyaa”.

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