We diagnose not only the heart but whole body

We diagnose not only the heart but whole body

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Pulse rate or heart rate is very essential clinical parameter and is used as invasive diagnostic tool in clinical examination. A normal resting heart rate should be between 60 to 100 beats per minute. Pulse rate is essentially a number which reflects heart functioning, temperature variation within body and some physiological phenomena are also related with pulse.

Nadi Pariksha is unique diagnostic tool described by Ayurved and it is altogether different than pulse rate. It is qualitative as well as quantitative assessment of Nadi felt at Radial artery. Nadi Pariksha is done to analyse and estimate the quantity of Tridosha within the body. Tridosha, i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha are considered as the fundamental elements of health according to Ayurveda. A balance between these three is considered as Prakriti or Swasthya and any imbalance in these three dosha is considered as Vikriti or ill health.

Conventionally Nadi can be assessed at base of the thumb at wrist of right hand of males and of left wrist of the females. Ideally it should be examined in the early morning or three hours after food because on empty stomach dosha usually stay at their own place.

The Nadi communicates more than just pulse rate through its pattern of vibration, frequency, velocity, rhythm etc. All these patterns are well decoded and scripted in Ayurveda with respect to underlying health conditions corresponding to particular patterns. Vaidyas are practicing and assessing many health entities based on these from thousands of years before inventions of biomedical instruments.

Energy flowing through the various channels (Nadis) and its expressions through Nadi carries information about underlying health elements like Dosha imbalances, Strotas vitiation, metabolic health impairments, dosha predominance associated with particular health problem and give information about our conscious, sub-conscious mind and related responses.

It is indicated to perform Nadi pariksha commonly (karangushtamula nadi) at radial artery. The process of Nadi Pariksha involves placing of index, middle and ring finger on

karangushtamula i. e. one finger distant from base of thumb. Pressure of pulse on finger indicates the Dosha predominance. The Nadi, when examined properly, reveals both physical & mental characteristics of the patients.

Considering all the advantages of this Nadi pariksha which is altogether different than pulse rate, Nadi Tarangini came with unique idea of pulse diagnostic tool based on the knowledge of Nadi pariksha described by the Ayurveda.

It is technology blended tool and can be used to perform Nadi Pariksha exactly in the similar way mentioned by Ayurveda. The sensor representing the tridoshik location at the Nadi can analyses all the parameters of Nadi like frequency, vibration, pressure, velocity etc. The interpretation of patterns of expressed Nadi of patients gets assessed and analysed through the sensors. Based on this, Nadi Tarangini is generating 8 pages report card which provides apt insights regarding prakruti, dosha predominance, metabolic health quotient, mental health quotients etc. Based on this report card, one can conclude about health condition of patient, diseases and its prophylaxis, causative factors and recovery stage.

Additionally, it is also the scientific tool that enables an individual to secure their personalized wellness regimes that ranges from individual specific personalized diet, exercise programmes, required detoxification etc.

Nadi Tarangini is patented, technology-based instrument which aptly diagnoses all the parameters of Nadi. Based on this, one can diagnose about causative factor for particular dosha vitiation. Nadi Tarangini can provide lifestyle modifications including dietary changes, exercise, yoga, water intake, sleeping habits through its assessments.

Nadi Tarangini is way different than just pulse rate. It can diagnose not only heart related entities but pathologies within body at very early stage.

Here are some benefits of NT.

  1. Nadi pariksha is very subjective, knowledge based, tricky diagnostic tool described by Ayurved which requires lot of practice for perfection. In the other hand, Nadi Tarangini based on same principles which eases the way of diagnosis because of the technology. NT is new Era technology-based pulse diagnostic tool with Ayurvedic wisdom.
  2. Now a days, lifestyle disorders are major concerns for healthcare systems. With the help of Nadi Tarangini, we can diagnose early changes within body and can adopt lifestyle modifications accordingly. So, it is proving easier solution which comes with individual specific approach.
  3. Nadi Tarangini can be used for assessment of many health parameters at same time including physical, psychological, metabolic health. Reports generated by NT are very descriptive and can be used for follow up in clinics and also for research-based analysis.

Nadi Tarangini is new technology based, patented revolutionary tool in the field of Ayurved which comes with all the benefits of ancient old Nadi Pariksha with full accuracy. It is not only analyses Nadi and detects early pathologies within body but also helping to adopt individual specific corrected lifestyle which leads to healthy, happy and good Quality Of Life.