Honour the strength within YOU!!

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Today’s century is Women empowerment. We daily observe such multitasking ladies around us.

But there are some lacunas in their personal life, which are related to physical and mental strength.

Let’s see a few examples –

  • I had participated in a full marathon before I had a baby. Now, I have totally lost that strength. I am not that obese but not that fit too.
  • I was fit and fine up to the menopausal period. Suddenly after menopause, I gained too much weight along with blood pressure.

According to Ayurveda, women have unique sets of physical as well as emotional strengths. Perseverance, empathy, adaptability, creation, nurturing ability, and intuitions are some of these unique strengths. These strengths are reflections of their excellent emotional and physical health. Maintaining a proper balance between physical and psychological health is very important for nurturing and balancing these strengths.

Empowering Women This Navratri

जयन्ती मङ्गला काली भद्रकाली कपालिनी ।
दुर्गा शिवा क्षमा धात्री स्वाहा स्वधा नमोऽस्तु ते |

Meaning – Oh Goddess, you who are known by the names of Mangala, Kali, Bhadra Kali, Kapalinee, Durge, Kshama, Shivaa, Dhatri, Swahaa, Swadha, I pray to you.

The different names of Durga always represent features of either physical strength or emotional strength. These strengths are unique features of womanhood. This unique strength always makes women special.

Women are constantly facing changes in their bodies. From menarche i.e., Starting of the menstrual cycle to menopause i.e., the end of the menstrual cycle, women undergo many physiological changes. These changes always affect the tridoshic balance of their core health which again affects their strengths. Nowadays, Women face tremendous lifestyle changes, work stress, family responsibilities, etc. Post pandemic period increases this stress manyfold. Ignorance towards health, poor nutritional intake, negligence, and lack of proper exercise are making women more vulnerable to many lifestyle disorders at a very early age.

Ayurved has mentioned different phases of women’s life including Gouri, Rohini, rajaswala, Taruni, adhivruddha and vruddha. Each phase represents age-wise changes in women’s lifecycle apart from monthly menstrual changes. Every phase has a very particular dosha predominance which reflects through her health parameters.

Balavastha has kapha dosha Predominance.

Tarunya/ Adolescent age is pitta predominant, the Post-partum period is vata predominant, the perimenopausal period is primarily kaph-vata predominant, and the menopausal period is vata predominant. This predominant dosha if you get vitiated with the wrong diet and lifestyle then it always leads to different health problems.

Identifying prakruti, predominant dosha according to physiological phases and proper care of that dosha is called Streecharya according to Ayurveda. This Streecharya helps women to maintain their physical as well as emotional strengths.

Ayurveda, by Identifying prakruti, current imbalances of dosha, and its causative factors will always help to maintain this ideal lifestyle specially designed for women. Its unique diagnostic method, Nadi pariksha, assessment of physical and emotional health will give you more guidelines to achieve and maintain your strengths.

women in their different life stages

Here are some suggestions for maintaining tridoshik balance –

  • Adolescent age –

It is a period of pitta Predominance. There are many physical and emotional changes taking place during this phase. Proper nutritional requirements along with exercise and emotional support, understanding the expression of kids at this age is very important.
Pitta vitiation of vata-kapha imbalances always leads to problems like acne, PCOS, weight gain etc. So a healthy lifestyle is very essential.

  • Postpartum period –

It is a period of vata Predominance. Proper diet including ghee, milk, and protein is very essential for strength regaining and recovery. For balancing vata, it is very necessary to follow proper postpartum care like abhyanga ( massage), steam, dhupan etc.
Balant kadhe always plays an important role in maintaining vata dosha.
Vata vitiation always leads to back pain, leg pain, body ache and long term joint related pain. So proper care is very essential.

  • Perimenopausal care –

It’s a crucial period varying from months to Years depending upon individual. In this stage, imbalances always lead to sudden onset of many diseases. It is the period where tridoshik imbalances always leads to physical as well as emotional health hazards. Proper calcium rich diet, strength giving diet along with milk, ghee is very important.
Exercises of brain is very important for overcoming the changes. Hobbies, social activities help to retain good emotional health. Strength training for muscles, bones are very important to maintain physical fitness.

  • Menopause and old age –

It is the period of Predominance of vata dosha. After so many ups and downs, menopause finally ceases all the required hormones. Skin dryness, hair fall, irritability, and sudden weight gain are common problems.
These problems can be avoided by maintaining proper tridoshic balance. A good diet, exercise, and mental involvement are very essential which keeps bay diseases away.

Finally, strength is nothing but power. Respect that strength and nourish it for yourself, your family, and your nation.

Every woman should boost her physical and mental strength to gain healthy long and peaceful life.

Happy Navratri !!

Authors –
Vaidya Tejaswini Sameer Bhale (Ayurvedacharya, Nadi Pariksha Expertise)
Vaidya Gaytri Mulaye (MD Ayurveda)


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