Balancing Mental Wellness: The Ayurvedic Approach with Nadi Tarangini

Balancing Mental Wellness: The Ayurveda Approach with Nadi Tarangini

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In a world that never seems to slow down, where the demands of daily life grow increasingly complex, it’s easy to overlook the importance of mental health. Yet, the state of our mental well-being plays a pivotal role in shaping the quality of our lives, our relationships, and our societies. As our lives become more interconnected and fast-paced, the prevalence of mental health issues continues to rise worldwide. Depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders affect millions of individuals and their families, often leading to tragic consequences if left untreated.

Modern society often glorifies the idea of ‘hustle’ and ‘workaholism.’ While ambition and dedication to one’s career are admirable qualities, they should not come at the expense of our mental health. The lines between work and personal life have become increasingly blurred, thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and remote work opportunities. As a result, many individuals find it challenging to disconnect from work, leading to chronic stress and burnout.

Ironically, excessive stress and an unhealthy work-life balance can also hinder professional performance.

Ironically, excessive stress and an unhealthy work-life balance can also hinder professional performance. When individuals are constantly overwhelmed, their creativity dwindles, their decision-making becomes impaired, and their overall productivity suffers. This not only affects the individual but can also detrimentally impact the organization.

In Ayurveda, health is described as a balance of mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.

We often hear news and stories about people succumbing to stress and mental health problems. As much as this news is disturbing, this news is also alarming. Alarming because it is high time we make mental health a priority. One factor that is at the peak is STRESS.

In Ayurveda, health is described as a balance of mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. Stress is defined as SAHAS; it is the natural reaction that is usually triggered by external unpleasant situations. It may be acute like sudden reactions to unexpected situations, or it may be chronic which is for a longer period. This stress is always responsible for dosha vitiation, disturbances in dhatus and ojakshaya, which again increases the body’s susceptibility towards various other disorders. It is a vicious cycle which impacts both physical health and mental health.

Ayurveda also describes three gunas of Mind named Satwa (Balance), Raja (Arrogance), and Tama (Indolence). Stress creates imbalances between these gunas causing further psychological conditions like depression, mental fatigue, anxiety, etc. Short bursts of stress can help us focus better and meet deadlines in mild crises, but long-term stress is always harmful. Now that we know what Stress means, what are the concrete solutions for early detection of individual specific stress levels and their response pattern in a particular situation?

Nadi Tarangini can be useful for managing stress-related reactions

Many active platforms are helping people with a lot of psychological problems and trying their best to avoid such extreme decisions like suicide, but early and correct diagnosis related to mental condition and improving their responses to stressful condition is still lacking.
The above-mentioned problems of early analysis, monitoring, and diagnosing of this very complex stress level vs. individual-specific responses to the condition’s entity can be assessed with the help of Nadi Tarangini, a sensor-based pulse diagnostic tool based on Ayurveda.

Nadi Tarangini can be useful for managing stress-related reactions in the following ways-

  • Correct monitoring of mental health –

Nadi Pariksha provides an analysis of emotional quotient and metabolic quotient through which we can know the physical and mental state of the body. Early changes due to stress both in physical and psychological domains can be assessed with the help of Nadi Tarangini. Many chronic psychological disorders can be controlled with Satvavajay Chikitsa which includes a Satvik diet, proper exercise, lifestyle modifications, music therapy, yoga, and Pranayam. This can be provided with a very individual-specific approach by Nadi Tarangini.

  • Prakruti Parikshan for analyzing probable responses in stressful conditions –
By analyzing Prakruti, we can talk about probable responses to stress and ways to tackle them.

By analyzing Prakruti, we can talk about probable responses to stress and ways to tackle them. Vata Prakruti’s primary response will be anxiety, worry, and fear in stressful conditions. Pitta Prakruti’s primary response will be anger, frustration, and impatience. Kapha Prakruti’s primary response will be depression, lack of energy, and withdrawal. They may suppress their emotions and numb them with food.

By analyzing prakruti and their responses, we can make early diagnoses, provide lifestyle modifications, and guide them about ways to tackle them.

  • Understanding root causes –

By analyzing the impact of stress on the body, one can trace causative factors including work pressure, exam stress, personal problems, relationship problems, etc. Tracking these causes and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important at this stage and can be achieved by constant monitoring by Nadi Tarangini.

  • Research done by Nadi Tarangini in the manas Vyadhi –

The only way to diagnose Sharir or Manas Vyadhi is to correlate Prakruti and Vikruti. The Nadi Tarangini Research team did excellent work showing Nadi Pariksha’s observations in Manas Vyadhi. The observational study paper was selected and presented at the World Ayurveda Congress 2022.

By understanding Prakruti and Nadi vikruti, signs and symptoms of Manas vyadhi can be detected. It will help to treat and balance the inner health issues and mind. Identifying manas symptoms can also help to avoid suicidal attempts.

In essence, Nadi Tarangini is a beacon of hope in the realm of mental health. It provides early diagnosis, personalized guidance, and a deeper understanding of how stress impacts our bodies and minds. With Nadi Tarangini, we can decode the surrounding stressors and their effects on our well-being, ultimately paving the way for a healthier, happier, and more harmonious life. It’s time to embrace this revolutionary approach and make mental health a top priority in our rapidly changing world.

Dr. Gayatri Kulkarni – Mulye (MD Ayurveda),
Vaidya Tejaswini Bhale – Borse (Nadi Pariksha domain expertise)