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Teeth Cleaning (Danta Dhavana)

Readers today we will discuss about the topic called “Danta Dhavana”
i.e. “Teeth Cleaning”.

Teeth Cleaning Danta Dhavana

Desiding the stick for a Danta Dhavana :-
The stick used for Danta Dhavana should be 12 Angula in length. It’s thickness should be like a little finger. It should be soft & devoid of any spike or perforations.
Danta Dhavana Process :-
Tip of the medicinal stick should be crushed by teeth and it should be used for cleaning purpose. It should be followed by rubbing of teeth by Danta Manjana Churna.

Benefits of Danta Dhavana :-

  • It provides oral freshness.
  • The waste present at tongue, teeth & mouth are cleaned & taste sensation is improved.
  • You should do Danta Dhavana by facing towards East or North.
  • You should be quite & stable while doing Danta Dhavana.
  • Medicinal sticks of Astringent, Bitter or Pungent taste should be used for Danta Dhavana

Herbal sticks used for Danta Dhavana are as follows :-
वड – Vad (Banyan tree), विजयसार – Vijaysaar (Malbar Kino / Pterocarpus marsupium),खदिर – Khadir (Senegalia Catechu), करंज – Karanj (Pongamia Pinnata), सर्ज – Sarja (White Dammer Tree / Vateria Indica ), ईरीमेद – Irimed (Sweet Acasia / Acasia Farnesiana), आघाडा – Aaghada (Acharanthes Aspera), मालती – Malati (Aganosma Heynei), अर्जुन – Arjun (Terminalia Arjuna),कडूनिंब – Kadunimba (Indian Lilac / Azadiracta Indica), आंबा – Aamba (Mangifera Indica),जांभूळ – Jambhul (Indian Blackberry / Syzigium Cumini) & मोह – moha (Madhuka Indica)

The best herbs to be used according to their taste are as follows :-

  • Sweet :- मोह – Moha (Madhuka Indica)
  • Pungent :- करंज – Karanja (Indian Beech / Pngamia tree / Pongamia Pinnata)
  • Astringent :- खदिर – Khadir ( Khair) (Senegalia Catechu)

Dantadhavan herbs should be chosen according to the Vitiated Dosha and Prakruti (Constituent) of the individual. Using Different herbs for Danta Dhavana provides specific health benefits as follows.

रुई – Rui (calotropis gigantea) :- Increases sperm count.
वड – vad (Banyan tree) :- Helpful for Glowing skin.
बोर – bora (Indian Jujube) :- Voice quality improves.
खैर – khair (Senegalia Catechu) :- Freshens the Oral Cavity.
आंबा – Mango (Mangifera Indica) :- Health is achieved.
कळंब – Kalamba (Ipomoea Aquatica-Water Spinach) :- Dhruti (Contentment) &
Medha (Intelligence) is enhanced.
चंपक (Magnolia champaka) :- Voice and Memory is improved.
शिरस – Shiras :- Quality and quantity of life improves.
आघाडा – Aaghada (Acharanthes aspera) :- Dhruti, Medha & Pradnya improves. Voice is also strengthened.
डाळिंब – Dalimba (Pomogranate), Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna) & कुडा – Kuda (Holarrhena Antidysentrica) :- Beauty is enriched.
जाई – Jaai (Jasminum Officinale), तगर – Tagar (Valeriana Wallichii) & मंदार – Mandar (Calotropis Gigantea) :- Bad dreams are relieved.

Best Time for Danta Dhavana :-
It should be practised early morning & after every food consumption.

Contra-indications for Danta Dhavana are as follows :-
The one who is suffering with Headache, Thirst, Facial Paralysis, Earache, Eye diseases, New fever & Heart disease should avoid Danta Dhavana.
It should not be practised for few days in severe stage of oral diseases, oedema, cough, asthma, hiccups, fainting & alcoholism.
It is also not recommended in General debility and Indigestion.

Note :- In all above conditions, it should be avoided in severe stage for few days only. In some ailments we can avoid using Danta Dhavana stick but Danta Manjan Churna can be used. One can consult with Ayurveda practitioner for more information.
Waste particles trapped in the teeth should be removed so as to avoid decaying process.
There is nothing like 12 hours protection etc.!
Danta Dhavana is necessary especially after having meal because maximum waste gets trapped in between the teeth at this time and it remains there until next morning Danta Dhavana. In this way, Decaying process gets daily sufficient time. To avoid this we should do Danta Dhavana, after each food intake.
By using few herbs and rest all chemical compounds, no toothpaste can become an ayurvedic.
Actually in Ayurveda only herbal sticks or churnas are mentioned for Danta Dhavana. But if paste is made by avoiding harmful chemical compounds, colours & preservatives, it is always welcome.

Why our previous generations tooth were firm, till the end?
Why we are needing many root canals?
Why we are unable to peel sugar cane?
Why our jaw is dislocated, while eating dried coconut piece?
Why we need to use Artificial Denture between the 50’s & 60’s of our age?
Is tooth cleaning specifically indicated for attracting girlfriends & having kiss?
we should introspect & rethink over all these conditions.
“so to avoid early use of Artificial Denture do Danta Dhavana!”

Important Terminologies :-

  • Dhruti :- Determination, Contentment
  • Medha :- Grasping and understanding power. “It is one of the Satwik Guna and the function of Normal Pitta.”
  • Pradnya :- It is the rational thinking power by considering Past, Present & Future aspects.

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