Stress – Obesity – Stress – Another vicious cycle

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A girl staying at a hostel studying for a professional course, Age – 22 years, came to the clinic with complaints of sudden weight gain, typically abdominal fat, outburst of pimples and insomnia. Brief history revealed that she had ATKT last semester and appeared once again for university exams last month. She said that her eating habits, sleeping patterns changed suddenly due to stress and anxiety built during exam time. Sudden hunger storms, mood swings are common during the last 6 months. She used to eat chips, salted peanuts, bread butter, Maggie, chocolates, cupcakes even at midnight due to hunger storms. Now, all the links to her present complaints were clear.

According to Ayurveda, stress is responsible for Rasa dhatu impairment and Vata vitiation. The impaired rasa dhatu and Vata dosha affects metabolic health causing sluggishness to it. This impaired metabolism causes fat accumulation and hence obesity. The typical belly fat pattern due to stress can be easily identified.

An IT guy, full of work pressure is always seen surrounded by potato chips and cold drinks items on his table, a writer- writing his script before deadline always seems to be smoking his favorite cigar and stretching his brain. A jobless young woman running her family is experiencing sleepless nights and with altered food habits. This pandemic showed many such examples of stress and associated obesity ranging from job stress, economic stress or health stress. Stress, altered food habits, altered sleeping patterns are sequential steps leading to Obesity.

Need of the hour is to help them by understanding their problem by providing emotional and social support.
Chronic stress is always seen associated with obesity. Numerous studies have shown that physical or emotional distress increases the intake of food high in fat, sugar, or both. High cortisol levels, in combination with high insulin levels are responsible factors. The downside to consuming so much sugar is that your body tends to store sugar, especially after stressful situations. This energy is stored mainly in the form of abdominal fat, which can be particularly hard to shed. So the vicious cycle starts: get stressed, release cortisol, gain weight, crave more sugar, eat more sugar, gain more weight. Even if you aren’t eating foods high in fat and sugar, cortisol also slows down your metabolism, making it difficult to lose weight.
Stress with higher BMI is one of the worst combinations leading to blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. This is the condition in which not only individuals, but family is also seen to be affected and is very common in the age group of 30 to 40 years.

Proper diagnosis of obesity type, minimizing stress like factors which are complicating obesity and emotional support, proper guidance and motivation is topmost requirement of such individuals. One can not achieve a weight loss goal by neglecting stress factors. Here, Turyaa can play an important role. Individual specific approach, balancing metabolic as well as stress quotient with maintaining core health are the keys of weight loss program by the Turyaa. The emotional need, counseling and monitoring is very well managed in such cases by Turyaa. Owing to modern lifestyle, we cannot run away from stress but with Turyaa we can keep balance of our metabolic as well as psychological health by different research based ways like Nadi parikshan, individual specific lifestyle correction etc.
Turyaa will help in following manner in stress related obesity by –
Preventing emotional eating – Stressed people always tend to eat available and accessible food, which is not always the healthiest option. Turyaa will recommend you daily diet plans and control plans during your craving time. Meal skipping, midnight hunger storms and emotional eating will be taken care of in a very scientific way. Mindful eating, food journals, water drinking charts, and healthy meal plans are some advantages that come with Turyaa which are very easy to follow.

Motivation for meditation and exercise – Many times the etiology itself resists the body to move for exercise. Sadness, lack of energy, lethargy are some emotions seen along with stress.
Exercise and meditation are critical components of stress reduction and weight management. Online yoga sessions, daily exercise tracker and motivation by coaches are helpful in such cases.
Managing stress quentient – Stress is the factor responsible for a number of health hazards including obesity. High BP, cardiovascular disorders, psychological problems come hand in hand with stress.
Individual specific stress levels can be managed very well through turyaa in various ways. Exam related, work related, postpartum stress etc are managed by Turyaa coaches in person specific manner by individual counseling. Their food habits, sleeping habits and lifestyle are managed very well for betterment and achievement of weight loss goals. Social and community support is also taken care of by various Turyaa activities.

Step ahead with Turyaa for a stress free life. Breaking the chain of stress and obesity is not only important for achieving weight loss goals but also for preventing many life-threatening diseases. More stress-free you are, the more healthy and happy you will be. So let’s connect with Turyaa for a happier and healthier version of yourself and family.

Dr. Gayatri Kulkarni – Mulye (MD Ayurved),
Vaidya Tejaswini Bhale – Borse (Ayurveda Physician),
Shruti Kulkarni (Clinical Nutritionist)

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