Your soulmate Your Real valentine

Lets see your Love, relationship with a new perspective. Ayurveda explained different personalities and Prakruti. The three energies play a romantic role in our life too.

The bond of love and affection starts when someone likes another’s nature, his or her company and feeling of support and comfort.
Opposite poles attract each other. And this is very true if we consider our emotional and psychological traits.

In Ayurveda body constitution or body type or Prakruti is defined as Manas that is emotional and psychological and sharir i.e. physical and physiological. If you know the body type of your partner you can easily accept or change yourself for a better life.

Body type not only covers the mind state but also their physical appearance, strength, stamina and digestion, metabolism which leads to final immunity.

If you could find out whether this is a normal or balanced state of your partner then you can easily accept their habits, nature and food preferences. As A Result, no one will blame others by their nature or hobbies or food habits.


A Kapha person is very calm, steady and loves arts. To balance kapha needs the opposite pitta. Pitta is very courageous, dynamic and supports the kapha mind. Also, Vata is very creative and charming which enhances kapha artistic mind. Plan for a romantic candle light dinner or musical mehfil.

Kapha has slow digestion and slow metabolism. Select light and low calorie diets. Take care of meals with a frequency of 2 or 3 times a day.So if your partner cooks or orders food of your preference then that is most healthy. Order healthy soups like veg clear or lemon coriander soup with rice recipes like biryani or Mexican sizzlers for your valentine.

Kapha can work out heavily and steadily but for less duration has poor stamina. Kapha people have more inclination towards laziness, sluggishness. So, making him or her active, motivate for physical exercise is the real partner.


Pitta is very dynamic, aggressive and with quick anger. To cool down this, kapha helps with its calm and loving nature. Kapha is more loving and compassionate to Pitta. Pitta are very romantic and express their feelings gently. Pitta partner should or can surprise him or her with romantic, soothing, candle Riverside light dinner and calming music.

Pitta has a strong appetite and digestion. Pitta loves sweet, bitter, and astringent. Pitta people can consume heavy and high calories diets. Prepare 3 to 4 heavy meals for pitta partners. Italian, Mexican, Punjabi  food is the correct menu for this valentine.

Pitta has moderate stamina so go for a mild gym workout, swimming and fresh air exercises more.


Vata’s personality is very much creative, cherishing and full of energy and enthusiasm. And so to control it needs the steadiness of kapha and to flow this energy in the correct and positive way needs pitta support. Throwing a dance party with many friends will be a big surprise and appreciable to Vata.

Vata has irregular hunger and unstable digestion with fair strength and good stamina. Vata likes sweet, sour and salty food. Go for chole bhature, pasta, sizzlers, milk shakes or chat and street food menus.

Go for good workouts together with more mountaineering, running and biking.
Now try to find out your partner’s body type and accept their habits and routines and try to mold yourself for the best relationship with your soulmate. This is the best way to balance each other’s positive side for your life partner’s healthy and peaceful life.

If you accept each other with his or her good and bad. Actually those bad are by your thoughts but they are good for their Prakruti.

Life will be more beautiful and loving when you understand each other in this scientific way too. And this is not limited only for Valentine’s day but for the whole life.

Vaidya. Tejaswini Sameer Bhale
Ayurvedacharya, PGPP, MBA, DYA
Prakruti Ayurveda and Panchakarma Clinic, Pune
Nadi Pariksha domain expertise
Nadi Tarangini, Atreya Innovations Pvt Ltd. Pune

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Importance of Data in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is one of the oldest known medical systems in human history. Prediction and Prevention are the core strengths of Ayurveda which differentiates it from other streams of medical sciences such as Allopathy.
Ayurveda always emphasizes a personalized and holistic approach of diagnosis. Person needs to be benchmarked first (Prakruti). Later the current state of the person (Vikruti) is assessed by capturing various inputs such as Nadi (Pulse), Tongue, Face etc. The properties of these inputs are then linked to various tags (Guna, Dosha, Dhatu etc). The interdependence of these parameters in the context of that person (from benchmarked information) is then derived to conclude on the diagnostic part.

Ayurveda and Data Science .. a Perfect Marriage

Do the above ideas sound familiar? Welcome to the world of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence!! On the face of it, this sounds bizarre. Why and how do these two uncorrelated fields go hand in hand? If you think carefully, Ayurveda based diagnosis is a data hungry process. 

In fact, I’d say the pioneers of Ayurveda were the best data scientists of all the time. They have monitored, assessed thousands of patients manually and established correlation with respect to the symptoms in their mind. This formed the base template of diagnosis. It got better and better over generations with more and more patient assessments. This is exactly what any machine algorithm does after digesting input data.
Now just imagine what can be achieved if this process of data analytics is implemented with the help of modern-day compute technologies and algorithms.
That’s what we are doing at Atreya Innovations Pvt Ltd. I am proud to say, we are pioneers and front runners when it comes to modernizing and digitizing the Ayurveda space with the help of data science.

Potential at a Glance …

Ancient knowledge of Ayurveda can be objectified and quantified with this data driven approach. There are great benefits of this step. Let’s have look at some of these,

  1. Technology adaptation of Ayurveda will make last mile delivery possible, thus benefiting the last person in the remotest corner of the world.
  2. Other streams of medical sciences such as allelopathy will become more complimentary and not competitive methods of diagnostics. 
  3. Open new avenues of Research and Innovative product/service ideas.

Exciting Time is Here!!

We have witnessed many technology revolutions brought by Data science in the last decade. It has transformed our life. I strongly feel Ayurveda is just the next natural candidate awaiting for this transformation with the help of data science. Once achieved, the Ayurveda story will be rewritten in modern day language and that will take Ayurveda to the world stage.

We, at Atreya Innovations Pvt Ltd are committed to this transformation of Ayurveda and help it achieve the much deserved recognition at the world forum!!

Author- Parag Kulkarni,
M. Tech, IIT Bombay
Co-Founder and CTO,
Atreya Innovations Pvt Ltd.

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Honour the strength within YOU!!

Today’s century is Women empowerment. We daily observe such multitasking ladies around us.

But there are some lacunas in their personal life, which are related to physical and mental strength.

Let’s see a few examples –

  • I had participated in a full marathon before I had a baby. Now, I have totally lost that strength. I am not that obese but not that fit too.
  • I was fit and fine up to the menopausal period. Suddenly after menopause, I gained too much weight along with blood pressure.

According to Ayurveda, women have unique sets of physical as well as emotional strengths. Perseverance, empathy, adaptability, creation, nurturing ability, and intuitions are some of these unique strengths. These strengths are reflections of their excellent emotional and physical health. Maintaining a proper balance between physical and psychological health is very important for nurturing and balancing these strengths.

जयन्ती मङ्गला काली भद्रकाली कपालिनी ।
दुर्गा शिवा क्षमा धात्री स्वाहा स्वधा नमोऽस्तु ते |

Meaning – Oh Goddess, you who are known by the names of Mangala, Kali, Bhadra Kali, Kapalinee, Durge, Kshama, Shivaa, Dhatri, Swahaa, Swadha, I pray to you.

The different names of Durga always represent features of either physical strength or emotional strength. These strengths are unique features of womanhood. This unique strength always makes women special.

Women are constantly facing changes in their bodies. From menarche i.e., Starting of the menstrual cycle to menopause i.e., the end of the menstrual cycle, women undergo many physiological changes. These changes always affect the tridoshic balance of their core health which again affects their strengths. Nowadays, Women face tremendous lifestyle changes, work stress, family responsibilities, etc. Post pandemic period increases this stress manyfold. Ignorance towards health, poor nutritional intake, negligence, and lack of proper exercise are making women more vulnerable to many lifestyle disorders at a very early age.

Ayurved has mentioned different phases of women’s life including Gouri, Rohini, rajaswala, Taruni, adhivruddha and vruddha. Each phase represents age-wise changes in women’s lifecycle apart from monthly menstrual changes. Every phase has a very particular dosha predominance which reflects through her health parameters.

Balavastha has kapha dosha Predominance.

Tarunya/ Adolescent age is pitta predominant, the Post-partum period is vata predominant, the perimenopausal period is primarily kaph-vata predominant, and the menopausal period is vata predominant. This predominant dosha if you get vitiated with the wrong diet and lifestyle then it always leads to different health problems.

Identifying prakruti, predominant dosha according to physiological phases and proper care of that dosha is called Streecharya according to Ayurveda. This Streecharya helps women to maintain their physical as well as emotional strengths.

Ayurveda, by Identifying prakruti, current imbalances of dosha, and its causative factors will always help to maintain this ideal lifestyle specially designed for women. Its unique diagnostic method, Nadi pariksha, assessment of physical and emotional health will give you more guidelines to achieve and maintain your strengths.

Here are some suggestions for maintaining tridoshik balance –

  • Adolescent age –

It is a period of pitta Predominance. There are many physical and emotional changes taking place during this phase. Proper nutritional requirements along with exercise and emotional support, understanding the expression of kids at this age is very important.
Pitta vitiation of vata-kapha imbalances always leads to problems like acne, PCOS, weight gain etc. So a healthy lifestyle is very essential.

  • Postpartum period –

It is a period of vata Predominance. Proper diet including ghee, milk, and protein is very essential for strength regaining and recovery. For balancing vata, it is very necessary to follow proper postpartum care like abhyanga ( massage), steam, dhupan etc.
Balant kadhe always plays an important role in maintaining vata dosha.
Vata vitiation always leads to back pain, leg pain, body ache and long term joint related pain. So proper care is very essential.

  • Perimenopausal care –

It’s a crucial period varying from months to Years depending upon individual. In this stage, imbalances always lead to sudden onset of many diseases. It is the period where tridoshik imbalances always leads to physical as well as emotional health hazards. Proper calcium rich diet, strength giving diet along with milk, ghee is very important.
Exercises of brain is very important for overcoming the changes. Hobbies, social activities help to retain good emotional health. Strength training for muscles, bones are very important to maintain physical fitness.

  • Menopause and old age –

It is the period of Predominance of vata dosha. After so many ups and downs, menopause finally ceases all the required hormones. Skin dryness, hair fall, irritability, and sudden weight gain are common problems.
These problems can be avoided by maintaining proper tridoshic balance. A good diet, exercise, and mental involvement are very essential which keeps bay diseases away.

Finally, strength is nothing but power. Respect that strength and nourish it for yourself, your family, and your nation.

Every woman should boost her physical and mental strength to gain healthy long and peaceful life.

Happy Navratri !!

Authors –
Vaidya Tejaswini Sameer Bhale (Ayurvedacharya, Nadi Pariksha Expertise)
Vaidya Gaytri Mulaye (MD Ayurveda)


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