Nadi Tarangini Demo video​

Getting started with Nadi Tarangini takes less than 5 minutes. Like any new technology, it may require a little getting used to. This video will help you do just that. Feel free to refer to it when in doubt.

How to capture Nadi correctly with Nadi Tarangini​

Guide to using Nadi Tarangini correctly:

  • Do’s and Dont’s.
  • How to place the sensor
  • The right amount of pressure to apply
  • How to know whether the patterns are being captured correctly?
  • What are rhythmic and non-rhythmic patterns

How to read Nadi Tarangini report​

Dr Tejaswini Bhale explains the features and the thought process behind the Nadi Tarangini report. To see the report referenced throughout this video, please go to and download the sample report.

What is Nadi Parikshan?

Vd. Tejaswini Bhale talks about nadi pariksha (Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis) and the procedure to be followed to do a nadi pariksha. During the course of the talk, she also answers the following questions:

  • What is nadi diagnosis?
  • How we can do the Nadi Pariksha that our Acharyas have given?
  • What is this nadi?
  • Where do we do Nadi Pariksha?
  • What is the site? What is the perfect time to do Nadi Pariksha?
  • What do we perceive from the nadi?
  • Does the rutu (season) affect the nadi?
  • Does age of the patient affect the nadi?
  • Does consuming food make a change to the nadi?

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