About Us

Nadi Tarangini is an all-Indian endeavor, as any advance in Ayurveda should be. This breakthrough comes to you from Atreya Innovations, a Pune-based pioneer in scientific research-based Ayurveda. Our vision is to enhance Ayurveda’s acceptance across the world by blending ancient science with cutting-edge technology.

The company has successfully raised seed funding from second-generation Indian entrepreneurs-turned-investors and is set for the next phase of growth and expansion.

Vision of Nadi Tarangini

Our Journey So Far


Nadi Tarangini

Nadi Tarangini
Final product ready. Nadi Tarangini was formally launched in WAC 2016.

Second prototype

Second prototype which not only captured the Nadi signals but also displayed them in real time

Atreya Innovations

Atreya Innovations
Participation in WAC 2014. Atreya Innovations- the company was born

First Prototype

First Prototype
The first prototype came into being. Data collected and validated by 20 medical experts.

Ph.D. Thesis

CSIR grant, 10 research papers published, Ph.D. thesis submitted and accepted

3 pressure sensor system

3 pressure sensor system
Development of the 3 pressure sensor system. Data of 500 patients captured

Pressure sensors

Pressure sensors
Pressure sensors to capture Nadi accurately + patented air gap were developed

PhD on Pulse diagnosis

Dr. Aniruddha's PhD on Pulse diagnosis began in IIT Bombay under the guidance of Dr. Sharat Chandran and Dr. B. D. Kulkarni (NCL)

How it all began

Accurate diagnosis and treatment of Aniruddha's father's ailment by Nadi tadnya Ashok Bhat inspired him to develop appropriate technology to record Nadi pulse and take up this subject for his Ph.D. thesis at IIT Bombay

No. of collaborating doctors providing research inputs

Our Team

Domain Experts

Late Vaidya Ashok Bhat

Vaidya Tejaswini Bhale

Vaidya Mangesh Desai

Vaidya Mahendra Pate

Vaidya Harish Patankar

Vaidya Vishwas Jategaonkar