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NT Guna


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Nadi pariksha the most crucial method to diagnose diseases. It is one of the methods of Ashtavidha pariksha. Nadi Tarangini (NT) is the first ever Nadi pariksha device that captures, analyses and provides detailed Nadi analysis reports. Ancient science of Ayurveda and modern Technology (AI) together works to bring this Nadi analysis report card.

For Ayurveda physicians, the NT report card gives all details of Prakruti, Nadi gati, Vikrut dosha, Agni, Bala, Sama/ Nirama Nadi, 10 pairs of Guna and also psychological parameters of Stress and Thoughts.  Based on this, a Vaidya can select appropriate medicines and Panchakarma treatments for the patient.

Comparison of Healthy baseline Nadi and today’s Nadi graphs are visible to detect the pathology. Also, comparison of todays and previous Nadi analysis is given which helps to understand the effect of given treatments and Panchakarma therapies. This helps in evidence based practice for Vaidya to ensure the patients and gain more and more faith in Ayurveda and its therapies.

The graphical presentation and numbers mentioned in the report card gives quick and effective knowledge about Nadi analysis. Vaidya can easily show and explain to his/her patient about stages of disease and its prognosis. Also in this report card, Deenacharya, rutucharya and personalized Aahar, vihar- Yoga, exercises is explained which saves counseling duration. 

The first ever printed Nadi pariksha report card is the evidence based practice in the history of Ayurveda medicine. Vaidya can use the data for clinical research purposes too. 

Using Nadi Tarangini, Vaidya will have a SMART CLINIC.


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