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Nadi pariksha is always of high curiosity and people have had faith in this method since ancient times. Today’s Modern technology (AI) helps to translate this ancient knowledge of Nadi graphs into report cards with Nadi Tarangini. 

Nadi Tarangini (NT) is the first ever Nadi pariksha device captures, analyses and provides detailed Nadi analysis reports. For layman, the Ayurveda fundamentals and language is not familiar. Considering this Nadi Tarangini has this special report card for the general population in simple language and numbers to understand their health and illnesses. Using this report card, the person can consult any doctor or wellness expert to gain a healthy life. Persons’ body type or Prakruti analysis is also available in the report card.

The scores given as Digestion, Immunity, Stress, etc gives complete knowledge about inner health. Also, comparison of next visits is mentioned to know about health progress or deterioration of illnesses. 


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