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60,000 + happy & satisfied patients

Sudhanshu (Director, Jpoorthotics)

Data-driven accurate assessment of health. Easy to carry out the test using the device. Very satisfied with the assessment and thank you.

Dr. Burla Sashidhar

Accurate predictors, nice to see the diagnostics very fast and reliable. Good to see the technology with ancient scientific content. Thank you.


A new innovation in Ayurvedic science. Very happy to see this in ancient science. The results were accurate.

Vishal Gandhi

Quite innovative, transformative approach to holistic health. All the best!

Dr. Sanjeev D (Cardiac)

Good research initiative in the field of Ayurveda.

Dr A Helath Kiranmai (Project Co-ordinator, GKS Lepakshi Biotechnology Park, Hyderabad)

It is so nice, nice predictions and results. Felt happy.

CEO, Lepakshi Biotechnology Park

Very much impressed with the demonstration and analysis given. Felt like accurate results and wish to compare it to any other system to evaluate the findings. Want to keep a record and follow up to the system.

Shabana Begum (Project Co-ordinator, GKS Lepakshi Biotechnology Park, Hyderabad)

Happy and satisfied with interpretation. But the correctness of the results I think I need to clarify again with the Doctor. Anyway, a very good instrument as it is non-invasive and within no time giving the data.

Gopi, Co-founder, Leanspoon

Its great to know myself based on the millions old research of Ayurveda and connect that to my health and well being. Thanks.

Mr. Harish

The report was almost the same what I am feeling about. This I felt like Astrologer Doctor which is feeling the body.

Srinivas V.

Nice value addition in Ayurveda field. Accuracy should be shown in proof.

Jayabhaskar, Mylan Labs

Nadi Tarangini seems to be good equipment for diagnosis. We will recommend to concerns to take way forward.

Lakshmi Narayana

Nadi Tarangini software seems to be user-friendly. The results appear to be fairly accurate to understand high-level health condition and problems.


Nadi Tarangini is very useful to know the diseases by Pulse. I will suggest to friends to use this technology and facility.


It is useful to find out the stress levels. I will definitely suggest to my colleagues.

Amit Chakraborty

Encompassing multiple parameters to be measured by a single device. Reducing manual errors.


An amazing device which I have never heard of reports generating on Nadi. Very interesting results. Want to explore more of this product. All the best!

B. Silva Sankara Rao (Manager- Regulatory Affairs, Mylan Labs)

We want Nadi Tarangini in Hyderabad BioAsia. The executive explained how Nadi Pariksha will work in detail. They analyzed very well and provided a report to mobile. I found the results very accurate and precise. I am happy to see this device in Ayurveda.

Dhananjay Singh (Head of Research Solution, MERCK)

Nice tool-Ayurveda via digitization. Scientific Approach. Revalidation Possible. Can be stored and traced. Can be consulted with others.

Srikanth (Stemcell)

A very promising equipment. Best of luck for this. I will surely promote to Ayurveda Doctors.