Nadi Tarangini Device

Highlights of Nadi Tarangini
  • Easy to use. Hardware is designed with you in mind
  • Portable compact design making it easy to carry and connect to any device using the Nadi Tarangini app
  • Accurate Results
  • Fast diagnosis. The report is generated in 60 secs
  • Fully customizable patient management software
  • Totally Indigenous product based on ancient wisdom
Quick and Comprehensive Nadi Report

Detect Dosha Imbalances with low, medium and high references for each parameter. Compare current Nadi patterns with averaged healthy dosha patterns.

Progress Tracking

The more patient data you feed into Nadi Tarangini, the better it works for you – by letting you compare patients, track symptom patterns, judge treatment efficacy and more.

Easy Report Interpretation

Tackle the problem of patient retention with clear evidence of your treatment’s effectiveness over time.