Founder Profile

“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease”

My goal is to enable the above through cutting-edge technology

Dr. Aniruddha Joshi

Ph.D., Computer Science, IIT Bombay
Founder and CEO, Atreya Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
Innovator | Researcher | Mentor


  • Ph.D. (Computer Science) from IIT Bombay, B.E. from VESIT, Mumbai
  • 13 years of research on pulse patterns with 25 technical papers in pattern recognition and machine learning
  • Serial innovator: Developed and launched 6 products with 3 patents to his credit
  • 3 years of consulting experience (NCL and Persistent Systems among others)
  • Recipient of 2 CSIR research fellowships, Ratan Tata Trust Scholarship and J.R.D. Tata Trust Scholarship
  • Mentored six M.Tech projects, four B.Tech projects, and one Ph.D. thesis

Aniruddha’s journey

It is said that some of the greatest experiences in life happen by accident – and our founder Dr. Aniruddha Joshi’s journey is a testimony to that.

The Early Days

Hailing from a family of academicians/scientists, one would think that Aniruddha would naturally be inclined towards research. On the contrary, he was interested in the arts but stumbled into the tech sector instead.

Scepticism to Belief

Like most young people, Aniruddha wasn’t acquainted with the potential of Ayurveda. However, accurate diagnosis and treatment of his father’s ailment by Nadi tadnya Ashok Bhat changed everything. His father’s wish to preserve this ancient wisdom inspired Aniruddha to work on a technology for Nadi Pariksha for his Ph.D. Several experiences with Vaidyaraj Bhat opened his mind to the immense power of this ancient science.


Armed with a Government grant for his work on Nadi Tarangini, the way forward seemed easy. But that was not the case. His PhD. thesis was declined in the first attempt, citing that Ayurveda is not a science. He found no takers for marketing this technology to Ayurvedic practitioners. That’s when he had to face the harsh truth – the lack of faith in Ayurveda in our own country.

Scientist to businessman

Aniruddha realized that you have to be the change you want to see.He had finally found his true calling. Even though he was offered a scientist position at a premier research lab, against everyone’s advice, he started his own venture – ‘Atreya Innovations’.

Aniruddha as a person

Apart from his passion for new product development and algorithms, Aniruddha is an avid traveler, hardcore foodie, movie buff, and sports lover. Despite his busy schedule, he makes it a point to spend quality time with family. His fun-loving and cheerful disposition is in complete contrast to one’s image of a scientist. His unusually calm and balanced temperament instantaneously diffuses stress in any environment.

D.B Kulkarni
Dr. D.B Kulkarni, NCL, Pune
“While most researchers can do a thesis or develop a prototype, barely 1% of them succeed in converting their idea into a marketable product. Aniruddha is among these select few. He could have chosen the conventional way of life as a computer scientist, but his passion and commitment towards his dream of bringing technology into Ayurveda made him an entrepreneur. He faced many obstacles in bringing this product to the market, but his never-say-die- attitude has helped him find a solution to even the toughest problems. I am proud and elated that he has finally turned his dream into a reality. I see a very bright future for Atreya and wish Aniruddha and his team all the best for the journey ahead!”