Delay is the only Risk

This proverb is extensively used in the corporate world to motivate people towards their work. Then these charged employees start running after their targets as if there is no tomorrow. Most of the times, when the carrier gets priority you tend to work so hard then health is bound to suffer. While chasing your appraisals and perks; physical needs are often neglected.

Ayurveda says you have to respect the signals from your body to avoid future illnesses. As per Ayurveda, there are 13 urges which should not be suppressed i.e., Adharneeya Vega. If you tend to neglect them your health is at stake. One of most commonly suppressed urge is the urge of defecation. People tend to avoid a visit to the toilet because of some trivial reasons.

According to Charaka suppression of defecation over a period of time can result in lower abdominal pain, headache, accumulation of flatus and feces, leg cramps and flatulence. Accumulation of flatus & feces leads to constipation which in turn can be a cause of anorectal diseases like piles, fissure, and fistula. We as ayurvedic doctors see a lot of patients who are suffering from leg cramps over years. They are taking different painkillers, vitamin & mineral supplements for the same without any positive outcome. Once they stop suppressing defecation urge followed by Vata stabilizing treatment they become healthy. Ayurveda also says that a forceful act of expulsion from body i.e. Vega Udirana is also equally harmful. Straining while defection, frequent use of laxatives are few examples of Vega Udirana.

A few years back we hardly used to see constipation in children at a young age, but we are seeing an increasing number of childhood constipation. I label this as ‘Diaper constipation’ as it is a major culprit for it. Children who are using to diapers all the time fail to understand nature’s call. They try to pass motions while standing as toilet training is not given to them. Squatting position is the ideal position for passing motions but unfortunately, neither diaper babies nor their parents understand this simple fact and keep running from one doctor to another.

Now perhaps somebody will say that it is an over exaggerated picture. There are few  ‘Highly educated intellectuals’ who say that Ayurveda is pseudoscientific and outdated science which is useless in the current era of information & technology. Well, I have got a bit of information for them.

‘Text book of Medical Physiology’ written by Guyton & Hall is one of the most reputed books in the medical fraternity all over the world. There is a reference on page no. 767 in the 10th edition of the above book. “Clinical experience shows that if one fails to allow defecation to occur when the defecation reflex is excited or if one overuses laxatives to take the place of normal bowel function, the reflexes themselves become progressively less strong over a period of time the colon becomes atonic.” Atonic colon is a major cause of habitual constipation.

Guyton & Hall’s book on physiology was first published in 1956. ‘Charaka Samhita’ was written around 2nd century B.C. Now it’s up to you can decide who the pioneer is and who is the follower?  Rather than going in this endless debate. It is better that you listen to your body signals and respect them because


© Dr. Pushkar Purushottam Wagh
MD (Ayurved)