Nadi Pariksha's ancient wisdom.

Re-engineered for a modern practice

Nadi Tarangini is a first-of-its-kind Nadi Pariksha system that combines the power of Nadi Pariksha with cutting edge technology. Based on 13 years of research and validated with data patterns from over 25,000 patients, Nadi Tarangini generates a comprehensive and accurate 11 page Nadi report. Now you can provide evidence-based treatment that results in increased patient confidence from the very first consultation.

Intuitive design makes traditional Nadi Pariksha easy

- 3 pressure sensors to mimic the way a Vaidya would perform manual Nadi Pariksha
- Indicator for non-rhythmic nadi pattern with current and previous pressure values

Printable 11 page Nadi report

15 wellness parameters (with VPK split) + Vikruti + Diet recommendations
Sample report

Accurate results

Validated with data patterns from over 25,000 patients

Track treatment effectiveness

By comparing current and previous visit data

Easy report interpretation

Average healthy dosha baselines + suggestions for questioning patients
Pulse pattern interpretation

Fully customizable Patient Management Software

Choose which sections of the report to print + which strotas forms to fill
Know more about the hardware

How Nadi Tarangini works

5 simple steps to get a comprehensive Nadi Tarangini report in less than 2 minutes

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Download the app/software and create a user profile

Enter basic patient information

Switch on the device and connect it to your smartphone/tablet (via bluetooth)/laptop (via the cable)

Place the pressure sensors on the patient's wrist and record the Nadi patterns for 1.5 minutes

Printable report is generated within 30 seconds

Helps your practice to progress in many ways

Nadi Tarangini is an invaluable aid for the modern practitioner. It helps you to bring a new dimension to your practice, helping you build positive word-of-mouth and obtain more referrals.

Authentic Nadi Pariksha made easy

The intuitively designed hardware perfectly mimics the way a Vaidya would perform a traditional examination. The comprehensive Nadi Report makes it easy to reach an accurate conclusion.

Patient Confidence

You can boost patient confidence right from the start by providing objective support to your

Progress Tracking

Tackle the problem of patient retention with clear evidence of your treatment's effectiveness over time.

Dynamic Patient Management Software

Manage your practice with ease, refer to records, schedule appointments and more.Fully customizable, with unlimited storage.

What doctors say!


Vd. Harish Patankar (Pune)

Vd. Prasanna Kelkar (Thane)

Vd. Piyush Sikotra (Mumbai)

Grow your practice with Nadi Tarangini

Mentored by experts,validated by data

Nadi Tarangini has evolved through extensive research involving many doctors, technology experts and over 25,000 patients. It's their belief in the concept that has made Nadi Tarangini a reality.

Progress for the future of Ayurveda

Every form of medical analysis and treatment has its breakthrough moments. The invention of the ECG revolutionized diagnosis in cardiology, while the discovery of antibiotics did the same for treatment. With Nadi Tarangini, for the first time ever, Ayurveda has its very own technology specifically based on Ayurvedic principles, to ensure greater objectivity.

Training students made simple
Training students in Nadi Pariksha has never been easy, as it involves a lot of theory and self- practice. For the first time, Nadi patterns have been graphically represented, making them easier to understand and interpret.

Greater credibility for research
Data collected through Nadi Tarangini is based on Ayurvedic principles and will make Ayurvedic research and case study presentations more robust and conclusive.

As you know, there are many ways to perform Nadi Pariksha, and many different interpretations possible for the same Nadi patterns. The need of the hour is to consolidate these varied practices and their learnings.